How to Be Sure the Price Is Right in Fashion

Whether you are shopping for an elegant gown to wear to an opera, a sexy dress to wear to a wedding, or that special outfit for your first anniversary, you will want to be able to justify the price tag on the outfit. After all, let’s face it, no matter how gorgeous the outfit is, you will never be able to pull it off, if you are wearing a face filled with guilt.

No one wants to be thinking, “I can’t afford this. If he discovers how much I paid for this, he’ll skin me alive.” Not that anyone actually says that anymore. I know, for one, I would not stand still long enough to allow anyone to skin me. Nonetheless, it is best to avoid worrying over this detail.

Not a problem, a simple formula is the vital answer to your personal spending dilemma. A little bit of math is involved, but I am sure that we can all handle that. Once the perfect dress or outfit has made its presence known through its spectacular appearance on your physique, you simply need to calculate how many times you will wear it.

Next, you divide the price of the outfit by the number of times that you will be wearing it. For example, the sexy dress costs $220.00, and you will be wearing it twice over the course of the next year. So, you divide $200.00 by 2, and you happily discover that the dress, in actuality, only costs $100.00 for each event.

The first time that I tried this technique, I was in college and the outfit was quite a bit less expensive. In fact, I did not feel comfortable with this type of subterfuge initially. However, upon wearing the outfit a third time and realizing what a bargain I had purchased, I became a believer in the “divvy up the cost” process.

Here are a few good tips to help make the process work for you. First, it is very important that the first time you use the “divvy up the cost” process, the outfit that you are purchasing will be worn to at least two occasions, preferably three occasions. Second, if the accessories that you will be using are already in your possession, subtract their cost from the cost of your new purchase. Third, remember to make mental notes, so that you can keep track of your savings.

Wherever you go, whatever you buy, wear it with a smile!

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