Choosing the Best Nail Color and Nail Shape Based on Your Hands and Fingers: Q&A with Roxanne Valinoti

Depending on the shape of your hand and fingers, you may find that certain colors of nail polish and certain nail shapes look better on you than others. The best nail shape based on hands and fingers...For a really great look, you can customize your manicures based on what nail shape looks best based on the shape of your hands and fingers. Once you find out the nail shape for your fingers, you can easily file your nails to have a rounded edge or a square edge, or let them grow longer, or trim them to be shorter.

You can also have fun with matching up the right nail shape with your fingers and hand shape when using fake nails. A number of beauty companies offer lovely fake nails kits with pre-painted nails, a French manicure style, or plain, unpainted fake nails. If you decide to use the false nail kits with your manicure, simply look for a fake nails kit that contains the nail shape that works best for your hands.

In case you need help choosing the best nail color and the right nail shape based on your hands and fingers, consider these tips from CND Ambassador and nail expert, Roxanne Valinoti.

Q.-  Life Love Beauty: Does the length or shape of the fingers impact which nail shapes look best? If finger shape can help determine the right nail shape for someone, please explain.

Tips on choosing the best nail shape and color for your hands and fingers...A. – Roxanne Valinoti:
Who doesn’t want their fingers to look longer and leaner? A great nail shape that can take 10 lbs off your hands is a softer oval or almond shape. It gives the illusion of length, which is great for shorter fingers. This elegant, modern, feminine shape looks great on any woman. If you have shorter nails, you can still get this illusion by slightly rounding the corners of a short square nail.

Q.-  Life Love Beauty: What about color? Does finger shape or finger size impact which colors look best on nails?

A. – Roxanne Valinoti:
When it comes to color, there are no rules. Nails can be a great fashion accessory to complement any style. This season (winter 2008 – 2009), nudes are more opaque, which can have a lengthening effect on shorter nails. Look for one that matches or complements your skin tone.

Deep, rich burgundies or browns are chic on a medium length nail and metallic shades look great on any nail length or nail shape. Try adding a few drops of black to your metallic polish to give it a vintage, patina look.

Q.-  Life Love Beauty: How does a woman determine which nail shape or nail polish color will look best on her own hands? Any tips?

A. – Roxanne Valinoti: Decide what your style is: Who are you? What are your beauty goals? Then go for it!

Choose the best nail shape for you with these tips on matching your finger and hand shape to your nail shape.Sexy – try longer almond nails in a deep rich red or burgundy, like CND’s Masquerade.

Classic – stick to neutral shades like CND’s Cocoa, or other creamy beiges.

Sophisticated – a chic rich dark brown with high shine, like CND’s Fedora, on a shorter to medium length nail looks great… even on toes.

About the Expert:
Roxanne Valinoti is a CND (Creative Nail Design) Ambassador and nail expert. CND provides the salon and spa professional with products, services, education and support for the high quality nail services. For more information on CND (Creative Nail Design), visit online at

Photos courtesy of CND (Creative Nail Design).

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2 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Nail Color and Nail Shape Based on Your Hands and Fingers: Q&A with Roxanne Valinoti

  1. Hi Naomie! I am betting your job requires your nails to be a certain way – if so, that can be tricky, but maybe not impossible. 🙂 Can you get away with a French manicure? What about an accent color as a diagonal stripe or tiny design or even a tiny nail decal on a single nail, maybe your ring finger? If none of those will work, my next idea is to find clear and *sheer* nail polish colors that you may be able to get away with… pearly coats, iridescent colors that add a nice sheen and sparkle to your nails, keeping them classy and subtle. If all else fails, I would say be sure to keep them nicely trimmed and filed and then focus on a fun pedicure! 🙂

  2. thanks so much! but i can only have short nails and they can’t have colour so what should i do? i still want them to be classy and sophisticated but i am stuck 😡
    please help!!!

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