Top 10 Times When Painted Nails Are a “MUST”

Whether you are a total makeup fanatic or a one-in-a-while kind of girl, painted nails can surely make you feel pretty and well dressed. Sometimes painted nails could be considered a “must” – for those very special occasions or anytime you want to make a good impression. This article discusses the top 10 times when painted nails could be considered a “must” in your appearance.

Painting your nails may be more important if you currently have weeks-old, chipping nail polish on your fingers and toes, although attending major events with bare nails is perfectly acceptable as well, especially if you don’t like painted nails or if you simply don’t have time to paint them. (Just remove the old, chipped polish before you go somewhere important – like a wedding or a job interview!)

Painting your nails doesn’t always take a lot of time, but if you aren’t a regular, it could take a little practice to get used to the strokes and to avoid painting your skin. Even those who paint their nails all the time may still end up with a nail polish smudge here or there, so don’t dismay. Despite the small drawbacks of messy nail painting, painted nails can really add elegance and class to your look.

Here are the top 10 times when painted nails are a “must” in completing your look:

1.    Your Wedding
– This is one time when you are expected to get dressed to the nines and dolled up beyond your wildest dreams. Your hands (and possibly feet!) will be in a ton of pictures, so don’t neglect your nails!

2.    Job Interview – Don’t make a bad impression by appearing at a job interview with chipped nail polish. Instead, do a pretty at-home manicure or opt for a clear gloss coat if you aren’t a fan of color.

3.    A First Date
– Catch your date’s eyes with a pretty manicure. Let him see that you took the extra time and made a little more effort than usual to get dolled up for him.

4.    A Friend’s or Family Member’s Wedding
– This occasion may not be as important as your own wedding day, but getting a nice manicure or doing your own can really go a long way to making you look and feel sexy at a special soiree. (Plus, if you are a bridesmaid or immediate member of the family, your nails are also subject to potential photography!)

5.    Holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve
– While not absolutely necessary, painted nails for the holidays can be an excellent way to spruce up your look. Have fun doing your own manicures for the season!

6.    Tropical or Beach Vacation
– Show off those tootsies! Get a soothing, rejuvenating pedicure to enhance your image at the beach. You’ll love how your toes look as you dip them into the ocean.

7.    Graduation – As your classic graduation photo will last for ages, you had better be sure your nails are up to par for the camera. A lovely French manicure or a classy solid manicure sporting one of your school colors could truly add to your look in your graduation pictures.

8.    Back to School – Back to school is a great time to show off the new nail polish trends of the season. Paint your nails before the first day of class to give your confidence a boost and enhance your appearance even at the slightest detail.

9.    Whenever You Buy a Hot New Shade of Nail Polish
– Why bother buying if you don’t plan on trying? Don’t simply collect nail polish – show it off!

10.    Anytime You Are in the Spotlight
– If you will be on television or creating videos of yourself, painted nails are a “must.” Also, this list is not meant to be fully comprehensive, so keep your mind open to any time in your life – or your schedule – that may call for a dressy look sporting pretty painted nails!

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