Sunless Self-Tanning Product Review Guide: Solérra Sunless Tanning

With the fast pace that so many women keep today, it is difficult to keep up with the needs of our skin. Not only do we need to remember to moisturize it and pamper it to a brilliant sheen of healthy glow, but we also need to protect it from the ravages of the sun. Plus, there are those of us who for whatever reason want that look of freshly-tanned bronze beauty.

Fortunately, Solérra offers a brilliant array of wonderful products that amazes and dazzles with its results. Just look at these reviews to discover for yourself why you should indulge in a bit of decadent pleasure while achieving that nicely tanned look.

Solérra Sunless Tanning Science for a Better, Longer-Lasting Sunless Tan
Solérra Sunless Tanning Science products offer a revolutionary method for getting a tan without experiencing the ravaging effects of the sun or harsh treatments. Designed to keep a woman looking beautiful with the perfect blend of sophistication, fun, and luxury, Solérra Sunless Tanning Science products are manufactured with high quality ingredients and a unique Invisicare technology that is safe for both the face and the body. Plus, each one of its products has a light, fresh fragrance that is pleasant yet doesn’t overpower other fragrances that you might want to enjoy.

This treatment option allows women or men to get that suntan look all over without resorting to harsh chemicals, silicones, gels, alcohol, waxes, or any other product intended to create a tan without exposure to the sun. In fact, I’d have to say that I love companies that provide all of the products that I could possibly need for any beauty treatment I want. In the first place, it lets me know that I can expect the same quality from each container that I open. This really makes the experience enjoyable from the very first moment.

Whip It Up With Solérra Sunless Tanning Science Xfoliá Berry Fruit Whip
Solérra Sunless Tanning Science Xfoliá berry fruit whip is an excellent pre-tan body smoother that offers the best ingredients for a gentle exfoliator. Attractively packaged in a golden yellow standable tube with black and magenta-colored lettering, this body smoother offers an opportunity to enjoy a fruity-scented creamy concoction that is designed to cleanse the skin while preparing it for its next round of treatment.

I love the scent and the fact that this body smoothie comes out of the tube smelling and looking almost good enough to eat. Of course, I didn’t eat it at all, though the delicious aroma wafting up from it as it slinked out of the tube tempted me. Another nice facet to this product is that I had plenty of it to use since the package contains 5.5 fluid ounces.

One of the many beneficial facets of Solérra Sunless Tanning Science Xfoliá is that it has been carefully formulated to provide a polished look to a woman’s skin. I’d say that it meets its mark since my skin looked simply glowing with a radiant glistening appearance that was such an improvement from the way it looked before I used it. Solérra’s Sunless Tanning Science xfoliá hydrating moisturizers help to keep the skin soft and supple, while promoting the lasting effects of the sunless tan achieved through the Solérra Sunless Tanning Science sunless silk Advanced Formula Sunless Tanning Lotion. In fact, I immediately noticed how smooth and silky my skin felt after using Solérra Sunless Tanning Science Xfoliá berry fruit whip in the shower.

Since it is designed to condition a woman’s skin to provide the best results with sunless tanning treatments, it is an excellent option for use with Solérra Sunless Tanning Science sunless silk Advanced Formula Sunless Tanning Lotion. In fact, it was fun to use from start to finish.

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