Top 10 Romantic Things to Do for or with Your Significant Other on a Tropical Island Vacation

If you and your sweetheart are going on a tropical island vacation together, you’re almost guaranteed to have a completely amazing time. From the beautiful scenery of the tropics to the romance in the air all the time, you can only imagine the memories you’ll make together until they happen in real life. Despite the natural magic and wonder of a tropical island vacation, you can still plan a few romantic things to do so you can surprise your significant other with a truly unforgettable tropical vacation experience.

When you are on a tropical island for your vacation, some of your planning may be limited, but don’t be afraid to lean on the hotel staff and concierge for some tips and assistance in pulling off your more elaborate romantic plans. If you prefer to keep things low key, you can surely impress your sweetheart with romantic activities and surprises that don’t cost a penny, and ones that don’t require any special skills either.

For an unforgettable and exciting trip with your lover, consider these top 10 romantic things to do for or with your significant other on a tropical island vacation.

1.    Write your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s (or husband’s or wife’s) name in the sand. Take a picture for a permanent reminder of your romantic notion.

2.    Request that the live band or outdoor singer or lounge singer play or sing “your song” and dedicate the song and performance to your significant other. If you are feeling especially daring, you could see if they will let you on stage to sing!

3.    Find the perfect place on the beach and watch the sunset together.
This romantic activity during a tropical vacation could also benefit from a bottle of wine or toting a camera along so you can take a snapshot to cherish forever.

4.    Share a bottle of wine and dance under the stars together in the evening. You can also lay a blanket down on the ground and count the stars while you cuddle.

5.    Work out a plan with the hotel staff to place rose petals on your bed or a trail of petals in your room leading to a soaking tub and/or a bottle of champagne. Sometimes hotels offer a “romance package” that would include a nice display like this, so inquire before you book your reservations, if possible.

6.    Schedule a couples massage or day at the spa together. If you can score a massage on the beach next to the sounds of the surf, even better yet.

7.    Enjoy a dinner for two on the edge of the ocean or at an intimate table for two just before sunset. Some resorts place romantic dinner tables for two right at the water’s edge where you would be dipping your toes into the surf.

8.    Go on a sunset cruise together. Drinks and appetizers or even dinner or dessert would be divine.

9.    Wake up – or stay up all night – and watch the sunrise. Get some orange juice and champagne for your own refreshing Mimosas. Just think of all the fun things you can do together before and after the sun rises.

10.    Propose!
Many women will agree, few things are more romantic than getting engaged at a tropical paradise where dreams really do come true.

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