Budget Wedding Videography Ideas for Your Traditional Wedding or Destination Wedding

If you would like to capture your wedding day on video, but don’t know if you can spare the expense, you are not alone. Many brides and grooms debate the overall value of wedding video services and find that the wedding video is often an expense they are willing to forego. Many times the wedding video holds less significance than flowers, wedding attire, photography, food, alcohol, and the whole nine yards.

Rather than slash the wedding video from the budget completely, you have a few different options for capturing your wedding on video on the cheap. You can rely on a relative or a friend to capture the wedding footage on their own camcorder, you can hire an amateur or student videography service, or you can try a number of other options for cheap wedding videography. Consider the following options for finding a cheap wedding video idea to fit your budget.

Call in a Favor
Get your uncle, aunt, cousin, friend, or other loved one to help your cause by filming your special day. Having a friend or relative film your wedding day is a favorite wedding cost saver, but it still comes with its own costs – even if not monetary.

The pros – cheap or free, reliable, and easily accessible. The cons – your guest won’t be as focused on enjoying the wedding as you might like…. The added responsibility could detract from the experience for your loved one.

Automate Your Video
Flip MinoIf you are looking for a cheap and low maintenance way to videotape your wedding day festivities, passing around a digital camcorder could be a good way to go. If you buy a compact digital camcorder like a Flip Ultra or Flip Mino (both available in HD), you can get up to two hours of recorded wedding video footage for only the cost of the player (between $100 and $300 or so, available at low prices and often with free shipping on Amazon.com) – plus your own video editing after the fact. Each table of guests can take turns filming each other for your memorable wedding wishes video.

The pros – cheap to get the camera, one less vendor to deal with, easy to upload to YouTube and other sites, and you get to keep a cool device you can enjoy using again and again. (Also, the Flip Ultra and Flip Mino feature a very user-friendly interface involving little more than the Power button, Play button, Record button, and Delete button.) The cons – relatives and friends who are not tech savvy may flounder with this plan or avoid it altogether, also, the Flip video devices capture video in separate segments rather than a running video, so some editing would be necessary.

Hire a Student Video Crew
If you prefer to have a video cameraman or videography camera crew onsite to capture the wedding action, hiring a student video crew or budding video production company can save you some bucks while also giving the new crew some much-needed portfolio material. The cost may vary based on the student video crew you choose, but you must remember that you may be taking a chance by not hiring an established professional, so do your interviews carefully.

The pros – affordable service, potential talent, one good turn deserves another. The cons – you may accidentally hire an inexperienced crew and your wedding video may not turn out as you hope, you may still pay more than you want (depending on the crew you choose).

Take on a Post-Production Video Service
If you want a professional quality wedding video at a fraction of the price, you can combine a couple of ideas for a majorly creative cost savings. Some video production companies and even videographers offer an “edit-only” budget package for brides and grooms who want to document their wedding day on the cheap. Instead of hiring the videographer to come out to your wedding festivities and take the footage, send in your family members’ or friends’ video tapes and wedding day footage for the experts to edit into a lovely video for you to keep and enjoy.

Pixability.com and Wellspunweddings.com are two such video companies that offer an “edit-only” option for documenting your wedding day. Wellspunweddings.com creates a lovely vintage style wedding video from your own wedding footage (Inquire for pricing). Pixability.com offers the UShoot Package at $495 for editing up to three hours of raw wedding day home movie footage plus the inclusion of 20 digital photos. (You can add additional hours of wedding day footage at $85 per hour.) Your order with Pixability.com includes a 30-minute highlight video and three DVD copies.

An edit-only wedding video can be a great option for destination weddings and for brides and grooms who choose to elope instead of going through the big to-do of planning and budgeting for a wedding. You simply follow their guidelines and send in your own footage of the special day and let the pros do the rest. You’ll soon receive a beautiful film of your wedding day that you can cherish forever.

For more information, visit www.pixability.com or www.Wellspunweddings.com.

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