Duri Nail Polish Fall & Winter “Rags to Riches” Collection

With the fall and winter months approaching, it’s time to start preparing. This means putting away the shorts and tank tops in order to make room for long sleeves, sweaters and pants. It also means that it’s time to update your nail polish collection with something more fitting for those cold days out.

In September and then again in November, Duri will be unleashing their latest collection and you won’t want to miss it! Duri Cosmetics is proud to present the all new Fall/Winter “Rags to Riches” nail collection. They’re showcasing deep reds, vibrant purples, satiny pinks and a striking gold shade. Each of them is fitting for any occasion and will compliment those warm winter outfits in the months ahead.

Million Dollar Baby, shade (513) and one of the new shades to debut in November, is a beautiful iridescent, satiny pink shade. This particular polish gives you the ability to control the shade you’re wanting. If you put just one coat on, it leaves a clear, yet iridescent shine to it while still showing the nail underneath; sort of like a pearly, iridescent “clear” coat so-to-speak. The more coats you apply, the less “clear” it appears and the more color you see. I also think it’d be a perfect accent to any color you’re already wearing.

I also received Trophy Wife (521), due out in September. This is a much darker shade of burgundy or ruby red (can’t really decide), but beautiful none the less. This color will definitely go great with a red, brown, black, blue or green outfit. It’s just so pretty; it’s strikingly rich in color and with just two coats, you’ll have enough color to last a while.

FYI: Duri was established in 1990. They were originally manufacturing and distributing nail polish, nail treatment and complete hair removal waxing lines for beauty salons and spas only. They started with 47 colors and 3 treatments but have since grown to over 200 brilliant contemporary shades and 10 exclusive treatments for your nails and hands. I’ve actually got my eyes on the Rejuvacote nail growth system right now… I have a thumb nail and middle finger that have given me problems for years – they just don’t grow and when they do they’re already split and snag, rip and tear on anything.

Duri Cosmetics offers a type of nail polish that can be trusted to last. They have awesome prices; at an ARP of $5.00 for color nail polish (0.5 fl. Oz); you’re sure to load up on all the latest colors without breaking the bank. In fact, Duri also has a Summer Special going on you wouldn’t want to miss. For a limited time, you can get three (limit – 3 offers per order) Duri professional nail files FREE with any Duri Summer Nail Polish.  So while choosing from the fall/winter “Rags to Riches” collection, be sure to check out the specials or other products of interest. Remember, you’re not limited to just nail polish. They have an array of products for helping some of the most common nail issues as well as preventive care perfect for keeping those nails looking their best!

For more information on/or to purchase Duri Cosmetics; please call 1-800-724-2216 or visit www.duri.com… Oh, and before it’s over – HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!

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