Top 10 Pets to Consider Adopting or Welcoming to Your Family

If you are looking to adopt a pet into your family, that’s great news! So many pets need a loving home, and owning a pet can make your home more complete. As you prepare to choose the type of pet that you would like to welcome to your home, you must think about a few key issues, such as the size of the pet, its living requirements, and what type of pet best suits the location where you live.

If you own your own home, you’ll probably have a relatively easy time introducing your pet to its new home. If you live in an apartment, you will want to check your landlord’s policy on pets prior to bringing one home. Whatever the case, consider your pet’s space and energy level requirements as you pick the best pet for you and your family.

Dogs and cats are classic pets that warm any home environment, but they are also a lot of work. If your kids are pestering you to get a puppy or a kitten, remind them how much work these cute pets require and work out a plan where your children will learn some responsibility in owning the pet if you are open to the idea.

Smaller critters make great pets, too, and often require less work. You can always start with goldfish, tropical fish, or a Beta fish to see how things go with a low maintenance pet and then graduate to a larger pet when ready.

Consider this list of top 10 pets to consider adopting or welcoming to your home as a way to give you some ideas of popular pets you can adopt or buy.

1.    Dog / puppy
2.    Cat / kitten
3.    Rabbit
4.    Bird
5.    Ferret
6.    Chinchilla
7.    Beta Fish
8.    Hamster or Guinea Pig
9.    Turtle
10.   Tropical Fish

As you consider the different kinds of pets that you could buy or adopt, remember that countless animals are lonely and sad as they wait for homes in animal shelters. These dogs, cats, bunny rabbits and other animals can be some of the best pets you’d ever own, but many of them never get that chance, especially those that end up in high kill shelters. So, before you decide on getting your next pet from a breeder, consider saving a life and welcome an adoptable stray into your family. If you must go with a breeder, be sure to do your research to avoid adopting from a puppy mill.

No matter what you and your family decide, congratulations on your new family member!

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