Gentle Over the Counter (OTC) Allergy Relief Products to Try When Meds Aren’t Enough

When your hay fever or seasonal allergy medication just doesn’t cut it, you desperately need to find relief somewhere. After calling your doctor and pharmacist to learn that you cannot combine or double-up on medication, you’re desperate to try anything to escape the uncomfortable allergy symptoms you face every year. Chloraseptic Allergen BlockRather than suffer or wish you could do something about the allergies, why not try some handy over the counter allergy remedies?

Here are a few handy OTC allergy relief products you can try out to help alleviate the symptoms of your spring allergies, hay fever, fall allergies, pet allergies, or other seasonal allergy woes.

New Chloraseptic and Little Allergies Allergen Block
Answering the cries of many allergy sufferers, new Chloraseptic and Little Allergies Allergen Block products help to prevent the pollen from getting into your respiratory system so you don’t have to suffer with the awful aftereffects. The products are easy to use and safe for even the most sensitive skin – especially those raw nostrils after days of sneezing and blowing your nose.

Chloraseptic Allergen Block and Little Allergies Allergen Block products are simple to use – Chloraseptic Allergen Blocksimply squirt out a tiny amount of the product onto your finger tips, massage to spread the product evenly, and apply to the entire nostril area, inside and outside your nose. The Allergen Block products act like a sticky barrier to prevent pollen particles from getting into your nose.

I tested this pollen blocking product during the peak pollen days this spring and found it to be successful beyond my wildest dreams. Using Chloraseptic Allergen Block, I was able to go to work, be in my own home, and even do gardening outside without the usual unbearable allergy symptoms I’ve grown so accustomed to, and the results were immediate. Simply apply the product before you start your day and reapply as needed. You’ll notice a difference and your body will thank you for it.

Little Allergies Allergen BlockI absolutely loved the fast and effective Allergen Block products and highly recommend them. The effectiveness truly makes these gels a must-have during allergy season. The texture and consistency of the gel is a bit yucky, but the product does its job and washes off your hands very easily. Beyond this very minor and nit-picky observation, the product is perfect in every way.

Chloraseptic and Little Allergies Allergen Block products are drug-free, topical gels that do not have side effects or drug interactions with your existing allergy medications. These products work to prevent the allergy symptoms rather than treating them. The gels are positively charged to help filter the negatively charged allergens, such as ragweed, pet dander, and dust mites, from the air.

New Chloraseptic Allergen Block and Little Allergies Allergen Block are available at all drugstores and mass merchandisers like CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens. The retail price is $14.99 and each tube contains roughly 150 applications, which could last a month or more, depending on the frequency of use. For more information on Allergen Block, visit

Afrin Pure Sea Nasal Rinses
Afrin PureSea Nasal RinseFor extreme allergy sufferers, Afrin PureSea Nasal Rinses can help to stop up your runny nose and post nasal drip fast. Afrin PureSea rinses offer a hydrating effect rather than drying you out, and they are made from 100% purified sea water, from the Bay of Saint-Malo in France, for a healthy and natural cleansing routine.

Afrin PureSea products cleanse your nasal and sinus passages of mucus, pollutants and irritants, which is a major benefit during allergy season or even with the common cold. Because Afrin PureSea is non-medicated, you can safely use it in conjunction with your other prescription or OTC allergy medicines or cold medication.

These all-natural nasal rinses easily dispense from a specially designed applicator that fits nicely within the nostrils. During the first use, application can seem a bit awkward, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it in order to find relief from your allergy or cold symptoms. The immediate sensation of using this product may be best comparable to getting a bit of sea water or pool water up your nose, but much more gentle with less of a stinging sensation. The salt included in Afrin PureSea products helps to prevent discomfort and stinging.

Use of Afrin PureSea clears your nasal passages so you can breathe freely, although I did find more relief with seasonal allergies and less relief with a very stubborn sinus cold.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from Afrin PureSea Medium Stream and Gentle Mist, as approved for adults and children ages two and older. For children six months and older, choose Ultra-Gentle Mist.

Afrin PureSea is available at most drug stores, mass retailers, and grocery stores nationwide, as well as on The retail price is roughly $10 to $13. For more information, please visit

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