Benefiting with Passion through Compassion – Mary Kay Crème Lipsticks Sales for Charity

Once again Mary Kay Ash has shown just how she embraces women’s lives with her “passion for compassion.” She so eloquently continues to prove that even the simplest of actions can impact and change the lives of so many people around us.

As Mary Kay once stated, “When you help somebody else, then you grow as a person.” Now, as a consumer, this means a lot to me. I know that when I purchase a lipstick, blush or even my favorite fragrance from Mary Kay, I’m getting more than just quality skin care products, I’m getting the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that – behind the name “Mary Kay” is a caring company dedicated to giving back to families in need.

I’m so thrilled to share the news that from May 12th (Mary Kay’s Birthday) through December 15th, 2009, Mary Kay will donate $1.00 from each sale, worldwide, of select Beauty That Counts™ Mary Kay Crème Lipsticks to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation in an effort to end domestic violence.

Last year, Mary Kay donated just under $2 million dollars from the worldwide sales (May 15th-December 31st, 2008) of Beauty That Counts Mary Kay Crème Lipstick (in Apple Berry) to causes that helped change the lives of women and children all around the world; causes and programs that offered, but were not limited to, aiding domestic violence victims, cancer sufferers, and orphaned children.

The Beauty That Counts Crème Lipstick shades include Gingerbread and the all new, limited-edition Pink Passion (I love this color!). Each color is enriched with emollients and moisturizers that provide a covering of protection against moisture loss. Each stunning color is lightweight, creamy and has a subtle hint of vanilla flavoring that will leave your lips feeling oh-so yummy!

I received the limited-edition Pink Passion lip color so that I can see firsthand how the shade measures up, and I just have to say… Pink Passion is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! It hardly feels like I’m wearing anything at all, but I know that I am because I see it (and because I put it on). The lipstick is (in comparison to anything out there) a step above the rest. Pink Passion is a beautiful shade of pink with a subtle iridescent shine. It’s light and creamy, pink and pearly, fragrance free but tasty.

After using this for much of the last few days, religiously, it has to be one of my favorite colors in my makeup bag at the moment. My husband (his thoughts mean a lot to me) even commented on how nice it was and that it wasn’t too overpowering or bright. I was even told that it’s better than the normal brown, copper tones I normally buy (huh – I never knew; he never said anything before so I just assumed he preferred that color)… overall, I’d have to say that Pink Passion is a stunning shade of pink and I highly recommend it!

To help support the cause (and get your hands on a beautiful new lipstick or two; contact your local Independent Beauty Consultant,, or by calling 1-800-MARY KAY (672-9629). You can also visit Mary Kay’s Social Responsibility page for more information; with the help of everyone, maybe we can double the contribution for those in need this year.

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