JAKKS PACIFIC Extreme Performance Vehicles – Product Review

The first time I introduced JAKKS PACIFIC was when I excitedly spoke about the “bonding time,” ultimate pampering experience my girls and I shared. Today, I gladly shift to “boy stuff” by introducing the GX Racers & GX Racers: Tight Rope Terror!

Race cars are really a toy for everyone because they’re completely versatile in every way. When you play with cars it doesn’t matter whether you’re a girl or a boy, a dad or mom, 2 years old or 100; playing with toy vehicles is flat out- fun and exciting.

The all new GX Extreme Performance Vehicles (SRP: $5.99/ Multipack $11.99), also known as GX Racers, will have your kids playing and laughing for hours. You won’t have any problems keeping the family entertained with these little road champs! In fact – you’ll have a blast when you combine the GX Racers with the all new GX Tight Rope Terror (SRP: $19.99). This play set will defy everything you thought possible. The kit comes with a tight rope that’s over 10 ft. long and a cool racer, just to get you started.

The Tight Rope Terror takes nothing to put together and all you need, from around the house, is a few good books to lie on top of the “book end” L shaped platforms. This puts tension on the rope above, which enables you to get the racer rolling across the rope easily.  Girls and boys alike will spend time and time again trying to beat their last run. I know that when the kids and I played, we were competing for the title of “Master Runner”! I proudly wore that badge twice by the way. The girls were in close second and the boys, yea, the boys were undefeated. This was okay with us girls though because it was too much fun to care about ranking… yea right, the girls and I teamed up against the boys to do a “best 4 out of 5”.

If the GX line has you excited, check out some of the other amazing GX play sets JAKKS Pacific has to offer. You’ll find GX skate stunt starter sets for those skateboard fanatics (SRP: $9.99), GX’s Super Jump sets for those that love to defy gravity (SRP: $14.99), GX’s 360 Spinway for the intense racing maze of twists and turns ($19.99), and the kits don’t stop there… I’m telling you, GX has something for every race car/skate board toy enthusiast.

JAKKS Pacific, inc. is a leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products. They are an award-winning licensee of several hundred nationally and internationally known trademarks, which means, when you visit their site, you’re sure to find the toy you’re looking for, that game set you’ve heard about and even that precious doll your daughter’s been asking for. There’s something for everyone at JAKKS.

Here’s something else that’s sure to put a smile on your face: JAKKS is committed to helping raise funds through Operation Smile; this is an extraordinary charitable organization dedicated to helping kids with Cleft Lip, Cleft palate, and other facial deformities. This isn’t all they do, so please take a moment and read more about how JAKKS cares. Take it from me, my heart melted when I read the extraordinary measures JAKKS Pacific, inc. takes to ensure kids’ happiness, health and overall well being.

Find a large selection of GX Racers on Amazon.com.


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