A Photo Checklist for Your Wedding Day

If a picture speaks a thousand words, this article may be worth just as many to you as you plan for your wedding photographer’s level of involvement on your special day. The going rate for wedding photographers is a pretty penny, and you’ll be smart to get your money’s worth. Creating a wedding day photo checklist is the first step to ensuring you receive all the pictures your heart desires on your special day. A photo checklist is easy to create on your own if you play your wedding through in your mind, but you may wish to have a look at this photo checklist and either use it or customize it to meet your needs.

When it comes to telling your wedding photographer exactly what you want for your wedding day, don’t be shy. Those photographs will be yours to cherish for the rest of your life. They’ll lift you up when you’re down, and they’ll remind you of your perfect wedding day and all your loved ones who shared in it. They’ll be a treasured keepsake from the day when you and your sweetheart joined your lives together as one. A wedding photograph checklist helps to ensure you receive all these photos.

As you plan for your wedding day and the photographic opportunities that await, be sure you cover every base. It is better to be overly prepared rather than to look back and wish you had spent a few more moments getting organized. Here is a general breakdown of the highlights you’ll probably want to secure in your photographer’s itinerary. Don’t forget to customize the photo checklist by adding special photos you’d like to have in addition to these general shots.

Getting Ready for the Big Day

• Bride getting ready
• Her accessories – dress hanging by a window, her shoes on the bed, her garter, etc.
• Bride getting ready with mom
• Bride getting ready with bridesmaids
• Bride and maid of honor getting ready together
• Bride and bridesmaids posed
• Bride’s bouquet
• Groom getting ready
• Groom with father
• Groom with groomsmen getting ready
• Groom and groomsmen posed
• Additional photos (fill in your desired extra shots here)

At the Wedding Ceremony

• Groom and groomsmen before the ceremony
• Bride and bridesmaids before the ceremony
• Nervous/excited bride by herself before ceremony
• Flower girl / ring bearer before ceremony
• Church or wedding ceremony site inside prior to guest arrival
• Church or wedding ceremony site outside prior to guest arrival
• Guests arriving
• Guests awaiting the bride’s entrance
• Bride arriving at the ceremony location
• Entrance of the grandparents
• Entrance of the parents
• Bridesmaids entrance
• Flower girl and ring bearer entrance
• Close up of flower girls / ring bearer
• Groom and groomsmen in the front, waiting for bride
• Musicians
• Religious officials
• Bride walking down the aisle with father or escort
• Close-up of bride walking
• Groom watching bride and waiting for her
• Bride and father as she meets her groom
• Sweeping shot of altar or ceremony location
• Shot of bride and groom during vows
• Close-up of bride and groom during vows
• Close-up of bride and groom during exchange of rings
• The couple’s first kiss
• Bride and groom during recessional
• Bride and groom celebrating with guests
• Bride and groom leaving the ceremony site
• Bride and groom seated together in car or vehicle
• Additional photos (fill in your desired extra shots here)


Portraits (Bride and groom, family shots, bridal party shots)…

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