Choosing the Best Nail Shape for French Manicures

French nails look great with certain shapes.French manicures continue to be one of the most popular styles for manicures. Whether you plan to create your own French manicure at home or get your nails done in the salon, choosing the best nail shape for a French manicure may be easier than you think. In fact, if you get your French manicure in the nail salon, the manicurist will work with you to find the best looking nail shape for your nails and the length and style you prefer. The nail care professionals can choose the best French nail shape based on your hands shape, finger size and shape, nail bed shape, and even the skin tone of your hands.

Especially if you plan to do your own nails, finding the right nail polish color and the best nail shape for your French manicure can be a snap with a few tips and tricks. If you are wondering which nail shape looks best with French manicures, remember – in addition to the shape of your own nail beds, fingers, and hands, as well as skin color – whether or not you want to apply the manicure to your own nails or to use false nail tips also contributes to finding the best look.

French nails look great with certain shapes.“The French manicure is always a classic, yet has evolved over the years,” says Roxanne Valinoti, a CND (Creative Nail Design) Ambassador and nail expert. “No longer do women have one choice of ‘pink’ and ‘white,’ which can look artificial. With new technology, a nail professional can customize the shades of pink and white to compliment skin tone. A French manicure can be done as a semi-permanent coating with a CND Liquid and Powder service, as a permanent coating with a CND UV Gel service, or done at home with nail polishes that complement your skin tone.”

For at-home French manicures, Valinoti suggests choosing “a shade of pink or beige that suits your beauty goals: sheer for minimal coverage or opaque for full coverage.” She advises that the white tips of the French manicure also become a consideration – pure white for high contrast or off white for a more natural look.

“Beware that a square nail with a straight white tip can give the illusion of a shorter, wider looking finger or toe,” Valinoti cautions. “Keep the tip curved slightly at the corners to create the illusion of a longer nail. Remember, the longer the nails, the deeper the curve.”

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Roxanne Valinoti is a CND (Creative Nail Design) Ambassador and nail expert. CND provides the salon and spa professional with products, services, education and support for the high quality nail services. For more information on CND (Creative Nail Design), visit online at

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