Easy Flirting Tips for Any Age

Try these easy flirting tips for any age - body language, eye contact, and more.Flirting can be a natural response or a forced action, depending on how certain people deal with the situation. If you like someone, or if they like you, flirting is almost a complete byproduct of that chemistry. While some people are shy, flirting can be easier than you think with a few basic pointers on easy flirting tips for any age.

Easy flirting tips for any age include body language, eye contact, and making an effort to ensure your crush is having a good time, is not bored, and that he or she reciprocates your feelings.

No matter if you are teens, twenties, thirties, middle-aged, mature, or anywhere in between, you can explore your love life on a deeper level by flirting with your love interests when appropriate. Use a few easy flirting tips to lure in your love and then seal the deal. To learn more about ways you can hint at your affection, consider these easy flirting tips for any age.

Easy Flirting Tips for a Coworker Crush
When you have a crush on a coworker, there’s a lot of gray area where you want to try not to complicate your work life or your business relationships. Consider these easy flirting tips for a coworker crush:
–    Proceed with caution, as you don’t want to be accused of sexual harassment.
–    Take the approach of eye contact rather than touching. Body language can be risky, so just take it easy.
–    One easy flirting tip: inspire a challenge or make up a competition. Being competitive is a great source of flirtation.
–    Compliment your coworker crush on something he or she is wearing or a project he or she has completed recently.

Easy Flirting Tips for a Classmate Crush
If you like someone in your class, whether high school, college, graduate school or otherwise, remember that students tend to gossip and you should protect yourself from letting the cat out of the bag inadvertently if you like someone. Even with easy flirting tips to guide you, your classmates might still discover your crush. Instead, why not be subtle until you are sure and then try these easy flirting tips for all ages:
–    Pass your crush a note at the end of class, or at the beginning if you are a bit more daring.
–    One easy flirting tip: Write your phone number on his or her hand.
–    Tell jokes and make casual conversation with lots of eye contact.
–    If you end up on a date together, proceed slowly but make a judgment call on hand holding and touching the back, shoulders, arm or leg at appropriate times.

Try these easy flirting tips for any age - body language, eye contact, and more.Easy Flirting Tips for a Friend Crush
If you like one of your friends, this can be a tricky relationship to try. If you are friends, realize that you may be risking the friendship if the relationship does not work out, but it can be well worth the risk in the long run if things do work out between the two of you. In fact, sometimes the best relationships and marriages form from friends that decided to date. If you like one of your friends, consider these easy flirting tips for any age:
–    Find an excuse to spend some time with just your friend and you to gauge how things go.
–    One easy flirting tip: Take a very slow approach and test the waters to see if your friend flirts with you first.
–    Eye contact and body language can be a good start here, but in small doses just in case.
–    Challenge your friend to a competition of some sort. Talk some trash, but in a flirty way.
–    Talk to your friends and see what they think. If your friends think it could work, then you can consider flirting more openly by complimenting your crush.

Easy Flirting Tips for a Blind Date
When you’re going on a blind date, you’ve pretty much thrown caution to the wind and trusted fully in whoever set you up. This can go very, very well or very, very badly. Whatever the case, if you decide you do like your blind date, you can make some moves with these easy flirting tips:
–    Be bold – hold hands or wrap your arms around your date.
–    Offer your jacket if she is cold.
–    One easy flirting tip: Offer your phone number if you like how the date is going.
–    Share a dessert together – one dish, two spoons.
–    Make an effort to sit or snuggle closer together.

No matter who your crush may be, a few easy flirting tips can turn your date into a more exciting and repeatable occasion. Easy flirting tips in a nutshell – body language, eye contact, and making an effort. Remember, a first impression can mean everything, so take your time to get to know the person, use their name when speaking to them, and make an effort to be thoughtful, courteous, and maybe even a little bit mysterious.

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