Tips on Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

To help you in choosing the right glasses and sunglasses, first consider your face shape, your eye color, and your own personal sense of style. Choosing sunglasses or eyeglasses becomes easier when you can rely on a friend, family member, or loved one to give you honest sunglasses advice about how you look with different sunglasses on your face.

Whether you prefer to visit your favorite sunglasses shop to browse and try on some shades or whether you prefer looking for sunglasses online, you can learn a lot about the shades that will look good on you based on your face shape and facial features, as well as your eye color. Visiting your optometrist in person can also help you to make an intelligent choice regarding the best glasses to suit your face shape.

From prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses to cheap designer sunglasses to high-end designer shades, consider these tips from the experts to help you in choosing the right sunglasses or eyeglasses for you.

Important Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Glasses to Suit Face Shape
Experts from offer an easy way to remember the most important things in choosing sunglasses – size, shape, and symmetry.

Size: Keep a happy medium and your glasses will always enhance what you already have,” experts suggest. “For instance don’t go oversized when your features are small because they will be lost in your look. Shape: The shape of your glasses should always be in contrast with the shape of your face. If you have a round face, wear square shaped frames and vice versa.

Symmetry: It’s been said symmetry is synonymous with beauty, so when purchasing glasses or shades you have to keep in mind your best facial features and strive to find a pair of glasses that will accentuate them. For instance if you have brown or blue eyes wear a similar shade; this will amplify those hues thus adding the finishing touch to any look.”

Renowned eyewear stylist Matthew Sakolsky from Morgenthal Frederics and Jeff Press, eyewear designer for Morgenthal Frederics, offer their favorite tips for choosing eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Q. – How does one choose sunglasses and eyeglass frames that are the right fit for their face shape?

A. – Sakolsky & Press: Contrast and angles are always a great criteria to utilize when looking at a client and what shapes and styles [of frames] work for them. However, at least equally important to size and shape is what look you want your eyewear to give you.

Q. – Can you offer some tips in choosing sunglasses and eyeglasses – and the different things you should look for in eyeglasses versus sunglasses?

A. – Sakolsky & Press: Choosing something that is tailored and well fitting is always the best option. Sunglasses can be oversized but still fit well, as the dark lens covers any de-centering that may be caused to the eyes. For eyewear or sunglasses, the biggest question is always personal style, lots of options will work great on you, there is no one perfect frame for any face, but be open-minded, have fun, and embrace the most important accessory there is, the one that decorates your face. Have fun, glasses are great!

About the Experts:
Matthew Sakolsky is a renowned eyewear stylist from Morgenthal Frederics and Jeff Press is an eyewear designer for Morgenthal Frederics. For more information, visit online at is an online eyeglasses shop that sells men’s and women’s glasses, children’s glasses, fashion glasses, rimless glasses, bifocal glasses, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, and more. Visit online at

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