Sunglasses and Eyeglasses Color and Style Trends for 2009

When it comes to choosing sunglasses and eyeglasses to suit your face shape, so much more comes into play in your decision than you may realize. Let’s not forget about style, shape of the frames, color of the frames, color of the lenses, prescription glasses or non-prescription, Transitions lenses or not, and so on down the line. To help you in your search for the right glasses or sunglasses for you, here are the top sunglasses and eyewear trends for 2009.

In keeping up with the times and the trends in sunglasses and eyeglasses, consider the different colors and styles of shades and glasses that you like and dislike for 2009. Keep your face shape and eye color in mind and most of all, make sure you like how the glasses look on your face!

What are the current style and color trends in sunglasses and eyeglasses for 2009?
“Blue is a very strong color this season [2009], as well as deep greens, but utilizing neutral type colors, you create a unique look but something that the client will not grow tired of, so they can continue to build a wardrobe,” say renowned eyewear stylist Matthew Sakolsky from Morgenthal Frederics and Jeff Press, eyewear designer for Morgenthal Frederics. “To this end, black and classic tortoise always works – in the recent season, the styles have become a bit more tailored, for instance the Morgenthal Grand, gives the client a large feel without overwhelming the wearer. Also, aviators continue to be hot, hot, hot, especially modified versions that do not droop, and keep sharp angles for the face.”

Also for eye glasses trends for 2009, Dr. David Nierman, an optometric physician and co-owner of Chicago’s Nierman Vision Centers says “green, in the ophthalmic industry, is also in,” and notes that Pro Design and Lafont are currently offering eyewear collections featuring a wood grain look, animal prints, and colors in nature, soft greens and browns, subtle reds.”

“The Jackie ‘O’ look is back,” Nierman says, adding that this look tends to flatter the faces of those who have an oblong face shape. “Top-drawer designers like Dolce & Gabbana have stunning collections this year [2009].”

“These rectangular faces are longer than they are wide, so frames that are deeper than their width help create the illusion of a shorter face,” he says.

Popular and Trendy Eyewear Collections to Consider for 2009
Nierman also likes the Ed Hardy line, which is another trendy look. “Inspired by tattoo art and worn by celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Britney Spears these [Ed Hardy] frames have loud, bold colors and a lot of visual activity that tends to look better on those who have soft, symmetrical features so that there’s not a lot of competition with the frame,” says Nierman.

“Classics like Channel never go out of style,” he adds. “That retro-style combined with understated elegance is a smart look. For example, square shaped faces, characterized by a strong jaw line, broad forehead and wide chin and cheekbones, should seek out styles that make their face look longer. Gently curved narrow styles will add length, minimizing the squareness. Oval shapes with temples in the center are good option. Plastics and metals in different colors and shapes can be found to complement hair and skin coloring as well as face shape.”

So, to sum things up, a lot of the popular trends in sunglasses and eyeglasses in 2009 include aviators and Jackie O sunglasses, colored frames boasting blue, green, black, and tortoise, or even more alternative and bold colors, and frame shapes that suit your face shape.

About the Experts:
Matthew Sakolsky is a renowned eyewear stylist from Morgenthal Frederics and Jeff Press is an eyewear designer for Morgenthal Frederics. For more information, visit online at

Dr. David Nierman is an optometric physician and co-owner of Chicago’s Nierman Vision Centers. For more information, visit online at is an online eyeglasses shop that sells men’s and women’s glasses, children’s glasses, fashion glasses, rimless glasses, bifocal glasses, prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, and more. Visit online at

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