How to Stay Motivated to Work Out and Meet Your Fitness Goals

Meeting your fitness goals can be challenging even for the most adept athletes. Working out regularly can be a lot more difficult if you aren’t participating on a sports team with a regimented schedule. When you can only count on yourself to do the workouts you plan, your success rests on your own efforts alone. If you want to meet your fitness goals, the most important thing is to keep yourself motivated throughout your workouts and during the time in between workouts.

Different people find different techniques to be helpful in staying motivated and meeting their fitness goals. From music to tracking progress and even working out with other people, it is important to find a motivational technique that works best for you. Consider the following tips for staying motivated during, before, and after your fitness workouts.

Keep the Workout Fun
“Keeping the workout fun helps me stay motivated!  Dancing, swimming, or working out with friends makes it more of a good time than a workout.” – Katie Brown, FL

“Workouts should be enjoyable or a person would look on it as a chore.  The more fun, the better and you’ll be on your way to better health.” – Angela Jacobs, CA

Motivate Yourself with a Special Reward
“Personally, I have a certain little dress that keeps me motivated to lose weight and remain healthy!”
– Angela Winesburg, MD

Work toward a Healthier Image
“The thing that really helps keep me motivated when working out is picturing what I am going to look like once I get in shape. I also remind myself how much easier life will be for me when I am a more healthier weight, and how much better my relationship will be when I can actually be comfortable in my own skin and see the beautiful girl he has always claimed to see.” – Allison Wilson, OR

Motivate Yourself with Music
“Good music and seeing results get me going!” – Ed Nemmers, IL

Alternate Your Workout Routines to Avoid Boredom
“I’ve been working out for my entire adult life, and unlike many of my friends, I have never gotten burned out and given up on my commitment to fitness.  My secret has been finding several alternate routines that work for me, and mixing things up when I get bored with a certain routine.  I make sure I incorporate cardio and weight-bearing exercise, as well as a good cool-down and stretching routine.  I know that even when I don’t feel like working out, the endorphins will kick in and I’ll be glad I did. This is my motivation.” – Melissa Darwin, MD

Work through the Initial “Hurt”
“I’ve found that you need to work through the initial ‘hurt’ and once you get over that hump, you start to feel more energetic and motivated. If you quit when you hit that initial hurdle, you’ll feel like it’s just too hard – and it isn’t! Once you make it through that, it starts to feel good. That’s what I always keep in mind.” – Megan Bialy, CA

No matter how you motivate yourself to workout, stay focused and keep working toward your goals. Remember – any progress in the right direction is good progress. Don’t expect results overnight!

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