Naughty Nighties – Bring out the Bad Girl Inside

They may not all be willing to admit it, but even good girls have a bad side. And by bad, we mean sexy, naughty, and mysterious. With the right attitude and a few select additions to your wardrobe, you can ignite your love life with time to spare.

It’s been said that every woman should own a black lace bra and matching thong or panty. Why not a sexy chemise, babydoll, or naughty lingerie set? By adding these simple, arousing garments to your repertoire, you can spice things up in the bedroom at a moment’s notice. You can tote along your suggestive attire on your next vacation as a couple to bring even more sensuality and erotic desire to your trip. Enhance any common weeknight by debuting lusty lingerie shortly after dinner… or before, if you’re feeling especially frisky!

Sexy Styles
When it comes to choosing a new piece of lingerie, the options can undoubtedly seem overwhelming, regardless if you are a regular shopper or venturing into the sexy attire world for the very first time. The best thing to do in this case may be to consider all the styles available to you and determine which options fit your own personal style and your mate’s likes.

If you are new to lingerie, you can start out with something subtle, simple, and sexy, like a long silk or satin nightgown with slinky spaghetti straps and a slit, or a lacy or chiffon babydoll with a matching panty or thong. Babydolls work great as sexy and seductive nighties, as many of them look just like sundresses that are a bit shorter than usual. Nightgowns in black or leopard print deliver a great, sexy statement without baring all, while design options like crisscross straps, lacing, and other adornments contribute toward the “WOW” factor. You can also find adorable tank tops and panty or boy shorts sets with a naughty or sexy spin if you prefer that style to a nightie.

As a simple tip, you can also pair a new piece of lingerie with a silky robe, wrap, or kimono to give you that extra element of feeling a bit more covered. Choose a garment as seductive as you like, and if you feel it’s just a little too sultry, find a nice wrap or robe to round out your outfit.

For more experienced lingerie shoppers, you may consider quite the opposite – what don’t you have in your collection so far? You may want to consider the degree of naughty you desire. Will you be seeking a sheer set or a rather revealing item that bares all, or perhaps a sheer set that leaves a little to the imagination? Your choices may also revolve around whether you intend to accent your outfit with sexy stockings, a garter belt and thigh highs, or some other erotic accessory.

Costumes and Role Play
If your relationship tends to be a bit more on the adventurous side, perhaps you’ll want to introduce a naughty costume into your bedroom. The sexy cop, jailhouse inmate, schoolgirl, nurse, and French maid hold fast as favorites, but the possibilities truly are endless once you start browsing for an exciting and erotic costume. These costumes offer an especially nice change of pace around Halloween, but consider donning one on any random night for some extra fun and excitement.

Even if you don’t opt for a lingerie costume, you can still play the part. Choose some sexy lingerie and seduce your mate with ease. Play up the elements of surprise and supreme desire. Play hard to get. Be chased. Be desired. Be in control. Take your relationship to new levels by allowing your sexy and naughty nighties to liberate you from what is normal and commonplace.

No matter what style you choose, remember that the lingerie will give you that special boost, but it’s up to you to follow through and enjoy the sexy, desired feeling you’re sure to experience!

Flirty Fabrics
Once you select a style of lingerie, prepare yourself for endless possibilities in color, texture, and fabric. You may also wish to consider the fabric first, before the style, – especially if your heart is set on lace, satin, silk, sheer chiffon, leather, fishnet, or another favorite lingerie fabric. You may also consider lingerie that combines different fabric types for a special look, or create your own clever juxtapositions with sexy accessories.

You may also discover that some styles are available in a crocheted or knitted construction. These items typically show a bit more skin than thicker or darker fabrics, but they can be a lot of fun to wear, even outside the bedroom. An adorable crocheted babydoll may be able to double as a super short dress that you can wear over your bathing suit the next time you visit the beach or the pool. Use your judgment to determine if there are any other appropriate ways to repurpose the garments!

As you think about the fabrics, keep in mind that often-sheer fabrics like lace, mesh, and chiffon tend to show off more skin than satins and silks. Leather and fishnet getups tend to be downright naughty if you’re in the mood. All these are surely styles that anyone can enjoy wearing once they reach the right mindset. Use your discretion as you consider all the lingerie options available to you, but remember that lingerie is crafted to enhance your experiences and your enjoyment – and of course, the desire and satisfaction of your significant other!

As you shop, keep in mind that you’ll want to pick a garment that makes you feel sexy without making you feel uncomfortable. Many nighties offer ultimate sex appeal without showing off your most private parts. Some chemises and nighties offer a slightly longer length with a side slit that gives a flirty glimpse of your goods without showing off too much at once. Choose a garment that you find attractive and you will be excited to try it out. Also, don’t over-think things. Your tastes in lingerie will likely grow and expand as you become more and more accustomed to wearing sexy attire in your bedroom.

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