Best Athletic Hairstyle for Water Sports and Windy Day Activities

If you’ve ever gone above 30 mph on a Wave Runner or Jet Ski, you may have an idea of just how tricky it can be to untangle massively matted hair. Instead of damage control, why not prevent the problem in the first place? With a functional, athletic hairstyle, you can prevent the tangles that destroy your hairdo when riding on a Wave Runner or Jet Ski.

At first it may seem the best athletic hairstyle for water sports and windy day activities may be a French braid or other creative woven hairdo. This athletic hairstyle may work for women with long hair of mainly equal lengths, but it may not be optimum for women with shorter hair, layered hair, or hair with bangs or even a side bang. At the fast speeds so customary to a Wave Runner or Jet Ski, you may find the woven sections of your braid unfurling and whipping loose into your eyes.

Rather than fight with your hair during your fun activities or dealing with the damage of tangles and matted hair later, consider a hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your face, off your neck, and free from tangles. For the best athletic hairstyle for water sports and windy day activities, follow these steps:

1.    Pull the very front of your hair back into a ponytail using a small or regular sized hair elastic.
2.    Pull the remaining hair back into a ponytail below the initial ponytail.
3.    Ensure both elastic bands are securely fastened. You may add additional ponytails if needed.

Water activities don’t often prompt us to think about our hair and the styles we choose, but tangles caused by fast speeds and wet hair are not fun to repair. Removing matted sections and tangles becomes quite the chore, although it can be done. Simply use some conditioner and a brush or comb. Some tangles can even be removed by hand.

This athletic hairstyle for water sports and windy days securely keeps the hair out of the face, out of your eyes, and off your neck. You can do any activity from running to swimming, hiking, boating, wave running, waterskiing, and more. The hairstyle is also great for tubing, wakeboarding, and even surfing. Remember to secure your hair before you embark on a windy day activity – that way you’ll be able to enjoy the activity to the fullest.

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