Honeymoon Destinations by Month – Where and When to Travel

With so many honeymoon destinations out there, how will you ever pick where to travel after your wedding day? You can consider honeymoon destinations as a couple or work with a travel agent for some honeymoon advice. One important thing to keep in mind when thinking about honeymoon destinations is what month you will be traveling for your honeymoon. You can find the best time to travel to certain places – or the best honeymoon destinations to visit during certain months to help you make up your mind.

If you would like to plan your honeymoon destination by month, reflect on where and when to travel based on climate and weather considerations first and foremost. While you can visit most honeymoon destinations any time of year, you may find you’ll have a better experience if you pay attention to the best months to visit various honeymoon destinations. Ensuring your safety and warm or temperate weather should be a top priority in choosing your honeymoon destination.

Honeymoon Advice for Choosing a Destination Based on the Month of Your Vacation
Joyce Scardina Becker, CMP, a wedding designer and president of Events of Distinction, a wedding planning and special events management company, offers lots of great honeymoon advice when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination based on the time of year you’d like to visit. Scardina Becker is also an expert in the travel industry from her time traveling the world as a flight attendant.

“You will first need to figure out how much time you can afford to take off for your honeymoon,” Scardina Becker says. “If you can only spare a week or less, it will limit the distance you can travel because you don’t want to spend the entire honeymoon on an airplane. In fact, you might want to consider just taking a brief break right after the wedding, then saving the real honeymoon for a few months later when you can better afford the time (and expense). On the other hand, if you have two or more weeks available to take off, it opens up a wider range of possibilities.”

Scardina Becker recommends looking at travel magazines and visiting Web sites like lonelyplanet.com, roadandtravel.com and roughguides.com for inspiration on your available honeymoon destinations. She also shares a list of most popular honeymoon destinations as recently published in Modern Bride. This list of top 10 most popular honeymoon destinations includes:

  • Hawaii
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Tahiti
  • St. Lucia
  • Italy
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Aruba
  • Las Vegas
  • Bermuda

“Next, think about the types of trips you have taken in the past,” Scardina Becker advises. “Do you like to quickly travel to your destination, then just chill by the beach / pool? Or do you prefer to take adventurous excursions and see as many sights as possible while you’re away? If your fiancée answered ‘yes’ to the first question and you voted for the second alternative, you’ve got some negotiating to do. A good compromise might involve a creative mixture of the two – for instance, he could pamper himself in a beachfront cabana while watching you take surfing lessons.”

Scardina Becker stresses that weather is a key consideration when searching through your possible honeymoon destinations.

“Most honeymooners prefer locations where the weather is likely to be warm (but not too hot) and relatively dry,” she says. “The chart to follow shows the best months to visit some of the more popular honeymoon destinations.”

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