How to Add Romance to Your Bedroom Décor

Romance isn’t all about action these days. From subtle to outrageous, romance is creeping and barreling its way into home décor. In many homes, the master bedroom is the first place to fully absorb the decorative passion. If you’re pining for a sensuous chamber to call your own, you needn’t look far or go to great lengths. A romantic, sexy bedroom can be yours in a weekend’s time or less!

The first consideration you must make when contemplating a revamp of your bedroom’s ambiance is budget. Just how much are you willing to spend for passionate perfection? Also consider if you will be replacing the furniture, or merely adding accent pieces and romantic accessories to indulge your decorative desires. Do you already have items you would like to keep, or are you starting over from scratch? Come up with a game plan and a budget to help you get started on your quest for a newly decorated, romantic bedroom!

Consider these tips to help you choose the colors, furniture, bedding, window treatments, and accessories you’ll love as you revamp and create your perfect romantic bedroom.

Bring Color into the Bedroom
Once you’ve discovered your budget and the renovation scope, you can begin to plot and plan your lovely and romantic ideas for change. Truth be told, romance isn’t all about frills and lace. Women and men alike can enjoy a romantic hideaway that is theirs and theirs alone – without the worry of turning everything pink and lacy. On the contrary, bold reds and blues and purples – royal hues – create a wonderfully seductive palette for your bedroom.

More interested in the neutrals and earth tones? No problem – look into billowy white or pearl bedspreads and some celery-colored throw pillows to bring in some color. Then add long, flowing white curtains to your windows, or a set of sheer canopy linens to fit your poster bed. Or, consider some lovely taupe bedding piled high with chocolate-colored throw pillows. Any of these shades offer a delightful unisex combination that looks like you pulled your bedroom right out of a magazine.

Color adds so much to a room, and you have so many options for where to place the color. Don’t forget your floors (Carpet? Hardwood?), your walls (paint? textured paint? wallpaper?), and of course, your linens, furniture stain, and the curtains or draperies that you choose. You may wish to come up with a plan for choosing your colors – start with all the colors you like in mind, and then determine what you will do with the floors, walls, bedding, furniture, and windows.

TIP: Mix and match colors to create exciting combinations. Try light blue and brown or orange and hot pink or plum. Or make up your own wild shade!

Romancing the Bed – Satin, Velvet, Throw Pillows, and More…

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