Style Six Gem Decorator Product Review

Over the course of this summer, I have introduced you to some wonderful play sets from JAKKS PACIFIC. They are the leading designer and marketer of toys and consumer products, products from licenses such as Color Workshop, Creative Designs International, Graco, Disney, and Cabbage Patch Kids, just to name a few. From action figures to art activity sets and vehicles to plush toys, from stationery and writing instruments to electronics and dolls, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for when shopping at

Today I’m jumping in to share a new kit I discovered. It’s the all new Style Six Gem Decorator. This kit is one seriously amazing decorator kit and it will literally change an ordinary item into something extraordinary. The kit includes rhinestones, ribbons, a gem decorator device, and ribbon loops. It’s a mere $19.99 to get you started. Again, the kit is recommended for children eight years and up. If you plan on supervising the activity, the child can be as young as five, but I wouldn’t recommend any younger than that. My girls are ages six and seven and I helped with every step.

When we began to decorate our t-s,hirts we actually sat at our coffee table, set everything out, and took a minute to look at everything. I then took another minute to read instructions and go over some of the rules I had for the girls. They weren’t big rules, but because their ages were a little younger than the recommended age for this kit, I wanted to make sure they knew what parts they would take in creating their designs. Once this was explained and understood, it was time to begin.

We used the stencils that were included in the kit to place the dots that would become future holes on the garments. The handy-dandy gem device was then used to pop holes where the rhinestones and gems would go. It took about 30 minutes to design and prepare each shirt for the gems, but it was so fun and time just flew by! I plan on doing a little slumber party in the next week or two and will be using the gem decorator as a fun time project.

What’s fun about this kit is that the gems are removable. My girls have removed and replaced the gems a hundred times now and the shirt is still holding well. They simply snap right on and for a six year old to do this, you know it’s doable. At the end of our project, Patience and Piper were full of smiles. They wore their new shirts proudly and I couldn’t have asked for a more entertaining experience.

Other available sets from the newly launched Style Six line include, but are not limited to:

STYLE SIX FELTING MACHINE: This felting machine allows young trendsetters to customize any item in their closet with fun felt shapes! The felting device safely weaves felt into any piece of fabric without heat, adhesive, or sewing. It includes a felting device and assorted felt shapes. It is recommended for children eight years and older. The suggested retail price is $14.99.

Girls will have so much fun setting their fashion mood for the day by attaching decorative fabric, fun broaches, and playful charms to any fabric surface. The set includes a snap-n-glam device, assorted fabric shapes, and plastic pieces. Again, it is suggested for children eight years and older and has a suggested retail price of $9.99.

STYLE SIX STYLE PACK REFILLS: Available in new waves of four different styles every four months so girls can keep up with all the latest trends. As with all of the Style Six lines, recommended for children eight years and older. The suggested retail price for these will range from $4.99 – $9.99.

For more information on the many toys JAKKS PACIFIC has to offer, please visit Also, take a moment to check out the JAKKS cares tab and read about their ongoing commitments to ensure happy, healthy kids. You can read all about the partners involved in making things happen, information on charitable giving, and learn about how you can help.

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