Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Tony Martin considers the best seasonal wedding flowers.

Consider the season and time of year as you plan to select your wedding flowers for bouquets and arrangements.The task of planning a wedding is known for being one of the most difficult to do. Not only must you find the perfect dress, the perfect cake and, of course, the perfect man, but there are the smaller details to contend with and often these are the most important. One such details are the flowers and floral centerpieces. The flowers chosen at the wedding will feature in every photo, must match with the wedding accessories and are the bride’s closest companion during the ceremony.

With the right flowers you can make your wedding even more beautiful and add a touch of personality and glamour to the occasion. Although in today`s world we can have flowers all year round in all different colours, the flowers are often in better condition and more affordable, if those in season are chosen for the ceremony.

Tulips are great seasonal wedding flowers for spring nuptials.If you are having a spring ceremony, it is common to use pastel shade or yellows and purples as these are the colours traditionally associated with the regeneration of spring. Flowers like hyacinths, freesias and narcissus are typical favourites for spring bouquets, as they are in a range of jolly colours and their long stalks make them ideal to hold during the walk up the aisle. Tulips are a modern favourite for spring weddings, as their greenery can be cut to have a sharp bottom for an edgy contemporary look. In spring the abundance of flowers means you can be really creative with both the bouquet and the table arrangements. In many cases the flowers speak for themselves and a simple arrangement of similarly-coloured but different spring flowers assembled in a piece of oasis can look elegant and fresh.

Gerber daisies are a colorful and fun wedding flower option for summer weddings.Early summer is a fantastic time for flowers, so the world is really your oyster in this season. A simple collection of sunflowers, or brightly coloured gerberas can look beautiful and radiant against the white dress. Roses and lilies are also obvious choices for this time of year and are delicate and romantic choices. A simple but effective table decoration is roses simply strewn along the centre of the table. Some wedding designers have also started taking large glass bowls and just filling them with candles and floating lilies for an elegant design that will light up the tables and the room come dusk.

Adding berries into bouquets and wedding flower arrangements is a nice seasonal touch.Autumnal bouquets can be carnations or dahlias in warm oranges that contrast against the dark greens and browns of autumn foliage. This is the season to be really inventive with centerpieces as you can use pumpkins as vases, or place cloved oranges, conkers, pine cones and cinnamon sticks amongst autumnal flower arrangements. If a seasonal wedding with warm wines and hearty food, these kinds of centerpieces really evoke all the senses, with tasty meals, strong smells of berries and cones and the visual delights of the oranges and browns.

Roses are a classic winter wedding seasonal flower choice for brides.Winter bouquets are traditionally red and white roses with dark green foliage, or sprays of holly and mistletoe for added festive cheer. Centerpieces look fantastic with festive pine cones and poinsettia arranged around thick red candles and sprayed gold pine cones and sticks can look stylish when placed in a vase. By adding berries and cinnamon you can give a real sense of festive cheer!

No matter what season your wedding is in, the most important thing is to consider your wedding colour scheme and ensure the flowers match. However, by incorporating seasonal flowers – either by getting them locally picked or getting flowers online – you can save your money, ensure you are getting top-quality stems and help you to fit in with the season around you.

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