Tooth Makeup for Halloween Costumes and Whiter Teeth for Special Occasions

Whether you have the best Halloween costume in mind or whether you just need to brighten up your teeth for a few hours, tooth makeup can truly accent your teeth to suit the occasion. In fact, the tooth makeup available on the market today can add some sparkle or disguise your teeth to match your costume in a matter of minutes for typically less than $10!

You can easily color your teeth whiter and brighter with flaw concealing tooth makeup or you can dress up a costume to be even more realistic (and creepy!) with snazzy colored tooth makeup in green, brown, tan, black, extreme white, gold, and more. No matter what your objective, tooth makeup can enhance your look – for better or for worse (in a good, Halloween kind of way!).

If you are thinking about trying out tooth makeup to brighten your smile in a flash or to enhance your Halloween costume, consider the following tips for using tooth makeup.

Tooth Makeup for Halloween and Costume Parties
If you want to show off a more dramatic Halloween costume or outfit for a costume party, tooth makeup can be the answer to your prayers. Imagine your friends’ faces when you crack a smile of decayed brown zombie teeth or bloody red vampire fangs, thanks to the help of some handy tooth makeup.

Tooth makeup for costumes is inexpensive and a great accent to your Halloween outfit. You can order tooth makeup in a variety of colors, such as Blackout (black), Nicotine (tan), Gold (with or without glitter), Blood Red, Spinach Green, extreme white for a ghastly effect, and more. Match up your tooth makeup color choices with your costume. Find a brown or tan hue for decayed teeth of a zombie or other scary soul. Make a more intense mouth with black tooth makeup to haunt your friends. Let your imagination take your costume to new heights with the right kind of tooth makeup for the look.

Make sure you order your tooth makeup with enough advanced notice before your occasion so you have a chance to practice applying it to your teeth. Using tooth makeup can be a breeze to apply, but don’t forget to bring it with you for touchups later, just in case. Please note: colored tooth makeup is for theatrical use only – not for extended wear.

Tooth Makeup for Everyday or Special Occasions
You may be relieved to know that professional teeth whitening and at-home whitening strips are not your only option for a whiter smile. A new tooth makeup product on the beauty market offers concealer type results for your teeth so you can instantly have a sparkling white smile.

Pearl Drops Instant White is a tooth makeup product that you apply much like nail polish, except on your teeth. This type of tooth makeup applies to the teeth quickly for a whiter smile on the fly. Pearl Drops Instant White is packaged in a handy little vial that you can easily tote in your purse, backpack, or makeup bag when you travel or commute. Pearl Drops Instant White tooth makeup can hide the flaws in a single tooth or touch up your entire smile, depending on your needs and preferences.


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