Hot Summer Shoes and Sexy Sandals for Women of All Ages

Put your best foot forward this summer by choosing a stylish and sexy sandal, a fun and flirty pair of flip-flops, or a lovely pair of fashion-forward boat shoes. Stylish summer shoes can make all the difference in your summer outfits, no matter if you plan to chill out at home or hit the beach, go out on the town with friends, or attend a summer gala.

Finding hot summer shoes that fit your feet and your lifestyle can be easier than you think. Remember that style and comfort are both important to consider in selecting the best summer shoes and sexy summer sandals for you. As you plan to choose hot new summer shoes, make sure you consider some of the most important factors: function (what will you be doing when you wear these shoes?), style (do you like how they look? Will you still like the shoes next season?), color (will your shoes match most of your clothing or only a few items?), and cost (how much do you want to spend to look great from head to toe?).


As you search for the perfect summer shoes and sexy sandals for wearing around the home or for a special vacation or honeymoon, remember to consider the types of outfits you’ll be wearing with the new summer shoes. You want to make sure the style of your shoes complements the style and theme of your clothing. Consider these fun and flirty summer shoes and sandals for women of all ages.

Hot Flip-Flops for Summer or Anytime
If you are looking for a flip-flop that you can love forever and one with which you’ll never grow bored, consider SwitchFlops. Your favorite colors, styles, and patterns can help you to customize a summery flip-flop that will remain among your favorite shoes all year long.

From the moment I slipped my feet into these cute and versatile flip-flops, I was in love. SwitchFlops are comfortable and durable – the sole of each shoe is stronger and tougher than most flip-flops you’d find anywhere else. You can feel how supportive these summer shoes are with each step you take – a nice change as compared to many of the more flimsy flip-flops.

One feature I especially loved is that these flip-flops have just a bit of heel compared to most of the entirely flat flip-flops. When I first slipped my feet into the SwitchFlops, I immediately felt the slight depression in the sole around the ball of my foot and at my toes. The heel proved to be a bit higher, giving me that arch support I’m so accustomed to with my platform sandals and heels.

Even my puppy gives these cool summer sandals her approval. A border collie, she quickly found the most unique element of the SwitchFlops: the Velcro straps that allow you to change the look and style of your flip-flops at your own pace. Each interchangeable SwitchFlops strap pulls easily away from the shoe itself and can be conveniently replaced with a new and exciting strap and decorative adornment. The SwitchFlops Web site offers countless styles, colors and patterns to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect customized pair of flip-flops – SwitchFlops – for you.

SwitchFlops retail for roughly $25 and up. For more information about SwitchFlops, visit online at

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