Review: Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil 04 Purple

Color is taking the beauty world by storm these days. I stopped into the local CVS drugstore last night to pick up the newspaper and couldn’t help myself. I left with about $35 worth of new cosmetics. I think my favorite find of the night was the cheapest beauty item I picked up – Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil in 04 Purple.

I normally just buy the $2 or $3 eyeliner pencils in black or brown, or occasionally one of those double-ended ones that has purple or green on one side and black on the other. Often those two-for pencils only show up in black.


This lovely and sleek purple pencil is as stylish in design as it is when it glides across your eyelids. To the eye, the makeup color is a concord grapey hue that actually transfers quite accurately from the pencil to your face. The makeup portion of the product is softer than many eye liners I’ve used, which allows it to glide smoothly onto your eyes, leaving a visible, beautiful streak of color. The Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil itself is smooth and pretty, fading from purple to pink, and the cap is a nifty transparent purple.

Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil in purple looks very nice even without other makeup. I added some shimmery pale pink and sparkly white eye shadows to complete the look, which created a nice, frosty blend of purplish pink. I finished the look with some brownish black waterproof mascara and voila, I had a new look with a splash of color rather than my oh-so-typical neutral and beige tones. I decided to wear a grey sweater and pants ensemble today, which looks quite sharp and sophisticated with the noticeably subtle purple tone on my eyes.

I enjoyed using this Milani eyeliner product so much that I am considering my next color choice whenever I find myself at CVS Pharmacy next. Yes, I know I could buy the products online, too, but after how much I just spent, I need to take a little time off!

Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencils are sold separately, and each pencil is 1.54 g, net wt 0.054 oz. They also come in other colors like black, green, and aqua.

Milani hails from Los Angeles, CA, but the Milani Color Brilliance Eye Pencil was made in Italy. Milani products are sold at various drugstores, supermarkets, discount stores, and beauty supply stores in the United States and worldwide. More information is available at

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