Beer Olympics Party Theme Ideas and Costumes

If you’ve ever seen the movie Beerfest, you might be inclined to host your own Beer Olympics event in the comfort of your own home. Your own personal beer fest or Beer Olympics can be a great social activity with your friends and neighbors, with potential for great memories and lots of laughter. On the downside, you may also have to worry about people overdoing it… getting sick, making bad decisions, and even destroying parts of your house, all the while enjoying your Beer Olympics to the fullest.

So, proceed with caution as you plan to host your own Beer Olympics event or beer fest at your home. While fun is the ultimate goal, the safety of your guests should be your top priority. That being said, let’s move onto some fun and exciting events you can enjoy at your own personal beer fest or Beer Olympics.

Beer Olympics Events and Ideas
A Beer Olympics event at your home can be a great time to socialize with friends and inspire a little competition. Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy your Beer Olympics festivities inside or outside, day or night. To coordinate your Beer Olympics event, first make a list of the Beer Olympics activities and ideas you might want to share and enjoy with your guests. Here are a few Beer Olympics ideas that might be suitable:

1.    Beer Pong or Beirut Championship
2.    Survivor Flip Cup
3.    Quarters or Speed Quarters
4.    Three Man (dice game)
5.    Kings (card game)
6.    Wiffleball (spin around the bat before you run the bases)
7.    Singing of Rugby songs
8.    Beer Slides (using slip-n-slide, crocodile mile, or the floor of a fraternity house – thanks Gettysburg)
9.    Guitar Beer-o (guitar hero plus beer)
10.  Make up your own!

As you organize your Beer Olympics events, just remember to find a good way to keep track of scores (a wipe-off board or even a notebook with a pen), and ensure that none of your events make it easy for anyone to get hurt (for example, obstacle courses plus drunk people do not usually have a good outcome). For an interesting touch, and to add an official flair to the festivities, try hanging personalized banners to announce the games-individually or all together. Be safe, but have fun!

Beer Olympics Costumes
If you are going to the trouble to host a beer fest or Beer Olympics event at your home, it’s only suiting to invite your guests to dress up in festive attire from their favorite countries or destinations to visit (Hey, everyone can’t be USA). For your Beer Olympics, if your guests don’t care to don costumes, you can still have lots of fun by asking everyone to wear a wristband or temporary tattoo or other fun piece of flair in the colors of their desired country.

Some fun Beer Olympics costume ideas may include the traditional form of dress for a number of countries, or quite simply, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt boasting the name or flag of a favorite country. You may also consider these fun and festive Beer Olympics costumes and costume accessories:

–    Kimonos
–    Sombreros
–    Kilts and tall socks
–    Lacy Senorita Spanish dress
–    German / Bavarian barmaid dress
–    Pants with suspenders
–    Belly dancing costumes
–    Rugby jerseys
–    And more

No matter what country you and your friends decide to represent, you’ll all have a blast whether you treat your Beer Olympics as a drinking party or a costume party.

Closing Ideas on Beer Olympics Party
Your Beer Olympics event or beer fest party can be a great time for everyone involved. More importantly than the food, the beer, the costumes, and the activities, though, is to remember that friends don’t let friends get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. Someone should collect keys of those drinking or find a way to ensure that your friends don’t leave your home while under the influence.

Please remember – do not drink and drive or let friends drink and drive. Everyone can have fun – just drink responsibly and don’t take any chances by getting behind the wheel after drinking.

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