DIY Fall Nail Art Designs

Fall begins on September 22, which means it’s time for warm nail polish colors of spiced pumpkin, burnt  orange, goldenrod, dark chocolate brown, and even jewel tones of emerald, plum, and ruby red. As you consider your fingernails and all your options for fall, don’t forget to try some lovely DIY fall nail art designs. Fall nail art designs are something fun and festive that you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to DIY fall nail art designs, you have many options and possibilities. You can paint your own nails with beautiful and fun fall nail art scenes. You can paint an individual fall nail art detail on each nail, or manicure your fingertips with the same fall nail designs on each nail. DIY fall nail art designs also offer a great new look for school, a pretty option for work, or something fun to wear on your nails for no reason at all.

Materials Needed for Creating DIY Fall Nail Art Designs
As you prepare to paint pretty DIY fall nail art designs on your fingernails for autumn, don’t forget to gather the necessary materials to make your task a lot easier. The materials needed for creating your own DIY fall nail art designs are as follows:

–    Newspaper or paper towels (to protect your work surface)
–    Nail polish remover (to remove old polish and touch up nails)
–    Q-tips and cotton balls (to remove old polish and touch up nails)
–    Tiny paintbrush or a few toothpicks (for painting your fall nail art designs)
–    Nail polish shades in your favorite fall colors
–    Nail art pens if you have them (if not, you can get cool sets on
–    Optional – Glitter and other decorative nail adornments (to dress up your nails)

Beginner’s Tip: Please note – if you want to ease into painting your own DIY fall nail art designs, you can start out with nail tattoos, nail stickers, and waterslide nail decals. Nailz*by*me offers very reasonably priced waterslide nail decals on eBay if you are interested.

DIY Fall Nail Art Design #1: Fall Trees and Fall Foliage for Your Fingertips
To create this pretty DIY fall nail design, you must have a few different colors of nail polish on hand. You can be as detailed or as abstract as you like, so feel free to vary your steps from ours if you like. To paint your own fall trees and fall foliage nail art scenes on your fingernails, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with the desired base coat or background color. You might be as abstract as painting a pretty color that you love, even a red or deep orange or brown, or you may be as detailed as painting the majority of your nail blue (for the sky) and the tip of your nail green (for grass).

2.    Allow nails to dry completely and assess whether a second coat of nail polish is needed.

3.    Paint the tree trunks on each of your nails that are destined for pretty fall nail designs.
Tip: Decide if each nail will have a fall tree or if only certain nails will show off the pretty fall foliage nail art scene. You can also decide whether you will paint one tree or several on the desired nails.

4.    Using a toothpick or extremely fine tipped paintbrush, dab little dots of color atop your tree trunk designs to represent the pretty fall leaves.

5.    Repeat step 4 with all the different fall nail polish colors that you would like to use for your pretty fall nail art designs.

6.    When you are done dabbing the colors for your fall leaves, consider sprucing up your DIY fall nail art designs with a few falling leaves or fallen leaves.

7.    After your fall nail designs dry completely, consider adding a clear gloss topcoat to protect them and lengthen the lifetime of your autumn manicure.

DIY Fall Nail Art Design #2: Fall Leaves in Autumn Colors…

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