What Kinds of Things Do People Search for on the Internet When It Comes to Celebrities

In case you didn’t already know, some really interesting search phrases go through the Internet’s search engines every month, if not weekly or even daily. Oftentimes these search phrases and keywords touch on fascinating topics, while other times the phrases could simply be the most random and even strange requests we’ve seen yet. When it comes to celebrities, people search for lots of interesting topics, which we will reveal in this article.

Interesting Searches Related to Gossip Girl Actress Blake Lively
According to lots of fashion and beauty posts across the globe, young actress Blake Lively got major props for her stunning and somewhat scanty gown that she wore to the 61st Emmys. Despite her sexy red gown and picture perfect style sense, Internet searches pulled up some of the most random questions, thoughts, and topics.

A few key searches for this young actress involved hair and fashion related queries. Some of the more interesting requests asked for Blake Lively breast implants and Blake Lively rhinoplasty. This leads the uninformed Internet bystanders to wonder if Blake Lively really did get breast implants or rhinoplasty, or perhaps if this poor girl is simply cast under public scrutiny.

Aside from wondering about Blake Lively’s breast implants (or lack thereof) or Blake Lively’s rhinoplasty (again, or lack thereof), searchers are also looking for information on her puppy, her address, and everything hair related, from her updo to her haircut to Blake Lively hair extensions, if there are such a thing.

Interesting Searches Related to Actress Angelina Jolie
Popular movie actress Angelina Jolie gets a fair number of searches for some common tips that could help the everyday woman, as well as a few more interesting search terms that dig a bit deeper into the celebrity’s personal life.

Perhaps the most interesting search term we found is Angelina Jolie impersonator. Honestly, who knew Angelina Jolie impersonators even existed? Perhaps fans of the hot celebrity would invite an Angelina impersonator to a party or social engagement. Perhaps it’s something where companies might hire an Angelina Jolie impersonator to perform a job or a role in a corporate event. For all we know, it could be a couple of crazies out there doing all the searches!

Thankfully, not all the keyword searches for this sexy celeb are about finding an Angelina Jolie impersonator. Many of the more down-to-earth search queries are asking for Angelina Jolie’s maternity clothes or her maternity dress. Others want to see Angelina’s family pictures or pregnancy pictures. Still others, possibly wishing for a similar shape as her killer body, are searching for Angelina Jolie diet and exercise tips or Angelina Jolie diet secrets. If only we all could be that lucky!

No matter what the search terms, we know people are fascinated with celebrities in general, and the constant searching about a particular celeb shows, of course, curiosity and often admiration.

Interesting Searches Related to Celebrity Paris Hilton
Another interesting celebrity drawing countless monthly Internet searches is Paris Hilton. She has captivated the public with her presence and people want to know more about her as a celebrity and as a person. Apparently, Paris has some items for sale besides her perfume, as many Internet searches are zeroing in on her wares, from Paris Hilton perfume and her perfume gift set to Paris Hilton dream catchers and Paris Hilton hair extensions, not to mention Paris Hilton dog clothes. Despite these other searches, Paris Hilton perfumes seem to be doing quite well in quantity.

Internet searchers seem very interested indeed in Paris Hilton’s fashion and accessories, from Paris Hilton leggings to her footwear, dresses, and more. Paris Hilton shoes alone get whopping search requests in the thousands on a monthly basis.

One of the most interesting search phrases is Paris Hilton Sidekick. Lots of people seem to search for more information about the Paris Hilton Sidekick and anything to do with her experience. Why the Paris Hilton Sidekick is so fascinating… who knows. It’s not like we can crack into her personal life much more than the world already does through the tabloids and celebrity gossip Web sites. But no matter, people can still have fun trying!

Why Do People Search for What They Do?
Sometimes it’s easy to speculate why people search for certain keywords and key phrases that they do. Fashion and beauty related searches mainly draw tips and information on how to alter your appearance to look more like the celebrity. Product searches probably come from those who have at least a mild interest in buying or trying the celebrity’s signature products. Some other search terms are not so easy to interpret.

While we may never know why people search for Angelina Jolie impersonator or Blake Lively breast implants, we can only assume that a certain degree of it stems from sheer curiosity. Of course at times it could be borderline obsession, but let’s just rest in knowing that the world is full of curious people and the Internet search queries should and do reflect that.

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