101 things to do on a rainy day

101 Things to Do Inside on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm

Mentally Stimulating Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
Exercise your noodle on a rainy day with some interesting things that you can do inside. The next time you find your plans changed or cancelled on account of a thunderstorm or inclement weather, consider these ideas for mentally stimulating things to do inside on a rainy day.

40.    Play a board game. Some of our favorites are Apples to Apples, Scattergories, Taboo, and Sequence. What are yours?
41.    Read a book or magazine. Try the Consumer Reports to help you pick out a new car to fall in love with or a fun gossip mag to pass the time. Read a book on your kindle or cuddle up next to a crackling fireplace or amid a pile of fuzzy blankets and pillows.
42.    Go to an arcade. If you have a Dave & Busters near you, that can be a perfect social option for a rainy day – play skeeball, try your luck at the big crane game, or play countless other video games for tickets or bragging rights.
43.    Play video games at home. Have a competition or try to beat a game or advance beyond previous levels you’ve won.
44.    Put together a jigsaw puzzle. You can keep your mind busy looking for the right pieces while having a great conversation with a special loved one like your grandmother or grandfather or even your parents.
45.    Play cards. Lots of card games can be fun ways to pass the time. Learn a new game of cards that you haven’t played before, or stick to something basic like Solitaire if you feel particularly lazy.
46.    Start a recipe swap. Put together an email and message your best chef and baker buddies and ask everyone to contribute a favorite recipe for something they love to make and eat. You could ask me and I’d give recipes for cookies, Stromboli, soft pretzels, and pretty much anything in the baked goods theme. Yum!
47.    Do a crossword puzzle. You can increase your brain’s ability with trivia and words by doing crosswords on a regular basis. It’s also shown to be a good way to keep your mind active and youthful and especially helpful as we age.
48.    Do a Sudoku puzzle. You can play an electronic version or stick to the paper copies, but have fun figuring out these tricky brain teasers.
49.    Spend some money that you’ve been saving “for a rainy day.” It is raining, after all! So hit the mall, the local outlets, or shop online.
50.    Use modeling clay to create mini sculptures and take turns with your friends guessing what everyone’s creations are. You can make up your own game of 3D pictionary or a similar competition.
51.    Start your Christmas list. It may not be the most fun or exciting idea on the list, but face it. When you are done reading this list, if you haven’t found something you’d like to do, you will probably go back to surfing the Web for more ideas or things to chase away your boredom. This could be two birds with one stone…
52.    Play 20 Questions. This game can be fun in the car to pass the time as well. My favorite thing for the person to guess is, for some reason, flyswatter, because it’s such a random item it can be tricky to figure out.
53.    Play I Spy. This is a good thing to do with kids in the car as well or with young ones who are feeling bored. It’s an easy game to explain and play over and over again.

Relaxing Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
Sometimes a rainy day is a perfect excuse to relax and avoid all strenuous and tiring tasks in exchange for pleasant, enjoyable relaxation. The next time a thunderstorm comes your way, try some of these relaxing things to do inside on a rainy day.

54.    Have a movie marathon with your friends. Choose the genre or movie franchise and have a blast, complete with buttered popcorn, soft pretzel nuggets, soft drinks, and movie theater style candy.
55.    Go to the movies. My dad used to take me to a movie on a rainy day when I was a little girl. Or at least one time he did – I remember it vividly, it was on the Wildwood Boardwalks’ Strand theater. Make a movie date with your sweetheart or your friends. Bonus points if you can find a Movie Tavern near you!
56.    Pamper yourself with an at-home facial. Try a soothing mud masque to soak up excess oils or a moisturizing masque if you suffer from dry skin. Don’t forget the cucumber slices.
57.    Pamper yourself with an at-home pedicure. Go classic with pink, red, or a French style pedicure.
58.    Take a nap. Doesn’t rain make you a little sleepy? Nothing wrong with taking a little snooze. You can pass the time and maybe the sun will eventually come back out in time to do something.
59.    Relax with some cocktails. Put your feet up, cast your cares aside, and mix up some drinks for a fun evening no matter what the weather.
60.    Kick back with a beer and a snack. Watch whatever’s on TV or get together with your neighbors or friends for a relaxing, low-key evening.
61.    Look through old photo albums. Take a stroll down memory lane and soak up some of the emotions from times past.
62.    Order takeout and relax. Don’t cook, don’t clean, don’t prepare anything at all. Eat right out of the carton and relax the night away. Watch a movie or catch up on your DVR to complete the evening.
63.    Read the comics or a comic book. On the flip side, you can also make up your own comics for the fun of it. Practice sketching and drawing speech bubbles with comic hero text inside.
64.    Make a phone call to connect with family or old friends. Facebook and text messaging make it so easy to neglect those we love, but a simple phone call can be a great way to keep those bonds strong.
65.    Write a letter to send to a grandparent, family member, or friend and send it out. Put some special effort into decorating the envelope and writing meaningful comments inside your letter.
66.    Turn out the lights and watch / listen to the storm. It can be soothing to embrace the storm rather than fighting back against it. Why else do you think they sell rain and thunderstorm soundtracks?
67.    Listen to music. Put together a playlist on your iPod or smartphone, play around on Pandora, or just go through YouTube looking for great music videos or other funny videos to watch and enjoy.
68.    Daydream. Take some time to think about all the wonderful things you want in life. Take it a step further to line up some goals or steps to achieve those amazing feats.
69.    Meditate. Relax and breathe. Let your mind and body be at peace. Consider adding meditation into your weekly routine to keep yourself centered and your life well balanced.

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  2. My 14-year-old daughter and I had more fun reading the comments than the suggestions for a rainy day! Best laugh we have had in a long time.

  3. this kinda helped i mean i could do water marble nail painting and for those of you who dont know what that is look it up on youtube
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  4. This did kinda help me I mean I dont know why yall are freakin out all this person did was try to be helpful yall dont like any of this then go to another freakin website 😕 😐 by the way im 11

  5. These are wonderful! Thanks. A little creativity goes a long way. I especially like the romantic ideas. Sometimes we need to be reminded on how much joy there is in spending time with those we love. Great work! 🙄 PS my son really likes the idea of showing MOM how to play the latest video game. Wish me luck!

  6. These are probably not the best ideas in the world and quite booooring but at least this person is trying why don’t thre rest of you have a go and see how hard it is. hmmm 😮

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  8. Stop hating on this person. All he or she is trying to do is help you think of ideas to do. God. Some of u people are so rude!!!!!!!! 😕
    Btw I’m 12 years old.

  9. Stop hating on this person. All he or she is trying to do is help you think of ideas to do. God. Some of u people are so rude!!!!!!!! 😕
    Btw I’m 12 years old.

  10. im 13 and dont have the materials to make any of this stuff!!! do you really think everybody has the materials to make a pinyata??!!??

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  46. good ideas. The only thing bad is when its a really big thunderstorm, you cant go out, so some of theese things you cant do for example you cant go shopping.

  47. Some productive feedback that you should absorb is: More detailed info, 😕 lesser amount of suggestions and more ways on how to do them, a fun and colourful way to present the suggestions. I respect your courage and individuality to create this page. I give it 6 and a half out of ten! Great 🙂 job! 😆

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  54. I was going to go to a museum with my boyfriend but it was gona close in an hour. We ended up doing a bunch of stuff on this list. We had a 70’s themed day. We went to Michael’s and tie dyed shirts, cooked dinner, had cocktails, listened to 70’s music, and then did the back massage idea. Great ideas for a rainy day!

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  60. Thanks for the feedback Lucy – Love to know what you had in mind or what you were hoping to find! Happy to update for you with new ideas.

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