101 things to do on a rainy day

101 Things to Do Inside on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm

Productive Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
When a thunderstorm comes rolling through, it might be a good opportunity to get done some of these things that have been hanging over your head. Consider these productive things you can do on a rainy day or during a thunderstorm.

70.    Bake some cookies or another treat. You can check out Pinterest for ideas or make something so good it belongs on Pinterest. Try cookies with magic middles or popcorn balls or rice krispie treats or another delectable dessert.
71.    Make homemade pizza. Have each person in your group make their own pizza with their preferred toppings. You can make the crust by hand or look into those premade pizza crust shells you get at the supermarket.
72.    Clean your house. Organize your closet and drawers, go through things you can give away, sell, or throw out. Set mini goals for different rooms and feel a sense of accomplishment when you achieve those goals.
73.    Do some laundry. It piles up way too quickly anymore, so it may be lame, but since it’s always on my list of things to do, might as well get it out of the way when the weather is too crummy to do anything else.
74.    Update your iPod or MP3 player with new music. It’s one of those things on my never-ending to-do list. Along with finding my misplaced iPod, oops.
75.    Work on a budget to help you save money. Find places where you can cut corners and just think of all the things you can do with the money you save.
76.    Redecorate a room or two in your home. Redecorating can be a lot of fun, no matter if you are painting or just changing around the art and curtains.
77.    Rearrange your furniture. Change up your favorite rooms to make them more interesting. Look into Feng Shui or other philosophies on room design.
78.    Start your Christmas shopping in stores or online. Look for great deals to help you save money and get some of your shopping out of the way.
79.    Cut coupons so you can save some money. Go through the Sunday paper or print out coupons you find online. Strategically plan your shopping list to be sure you visit the stores with the lowest prices for the items you want and need.
80.    Teach your dog some new tricks. Spending time with your dog is never wasted. Animals won’t be with us as long as we’d like, so why not make the most of it, playing or cuddling, or teaching new tricks.
81.    Start planning a future vacation. Dream up all the places you’d like to go and start planning away. Consider looking into cruises or creating a road trip itinerary.
82.    Go through clutter and find some things to throw out or give away. You’ll feel a bit lighter when you see your hard work making a difference in your home.
83.    Go through your clothes and select a few items to give to charity. Purple Heart accepts items and even comes to pick them up from your home so that you don’t have to go anywhere to drop stuff off. So worth it!
84.    Bake homemade dog treats or cat treats for your pet. But some chicken livers at the store and make up treats to give your pets a healthy and yummy alternative to the mass-produced pet treats.

Fun Things to Do with Friends on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
More than likely, the main objective of your search for something to do inside on a rainy day is to have a good time. With this in mind, check out these ideas for fun things to do inside with friends on a rainy day or during a thunderstorm.

85.    Sing karaoke. Whether you make it up on your computer, use your own karaoke machine, or go out to a karaoke bar or club, you can have a blast with your friends and loved ones.
86.    Play charades. This game you can do anytime, anywhere, so why not have a little good old-fashioned fun without the use of electronic devices.
87.    Sit around in the dark and tell ghost stories. If you believe in ghosts, you might also want to tell real stories of experiences you may have had.
88.    Set up an indoor scavenger hunt. This can be done on the fly or you can look up example scavenger hunt lists online. This can also be a fun party game if you don’t mind people going through your house. You can always make certain rooms or areas “off-limits”.
89.    Make root beer floats or milkshakes. Frozen treats can be fun any time of year, especially when there’s not much else better to do. Try making your own alcoholic slushy drinks, too, if you are old enough to drink.
90.    Make your own ice cream or sorbet using an ice cream maker. You can also take pre-made ice cream and make your own ice cream sandwiches or try your luck at making an ice cream cake.
91.    Make homemade smoothies. Blend up some of your favorite fruits into a delicious medley you can sip. You can also look into juicing as a creative and fun thing to do that could even benefit your health.
92.    Have a sleepover / slumber party. Look through the list again and you’ll be sure to find a number of things to do during a slumber party.
93.    Go play in the rain. Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you can’t still do something. I had the most fun imaginable in Aruba on vacation when we went four-wheeling in the rain. We didn’t mean to choose a rainy day for our adventure, but we didn’t back down when the skies opened up. (Although some of the other patrons did cut their losses.) It was a bit scary with how much rain we go and how muddy everything was, but it made the experience. We could never have that much fun and that neat of a time again if we tried, I’m convinced. Soaked to the skin, but so worth it!
94.    Go to a museum or exhibition. Find one near you or take a little drive to pass the time. You can bring your kids to a museum or go with friends or family. Learn something new despite the bad weather.
95.    Hold a poker night. Use candy like Swedish fish as your chips. Play for fun and then relax and watch movies, sports, and have a drink.
96.    Decorate your own T-shirts in honor of your favorite sports team. You can make a lot of fun designs using fabric markers, team patches and fabric, puffy paint, and more.
97.    Play truth or dare. You can have some old school sleepover fun any time of day or night on a rainy day with a game of truth or dare, M.A.S.H., or any other paper and pen game you remember from your childhood.
98.    Sit around and chat about anything that comes to mind. You can pass a lot of time talking to the people you love. Whether it’s friends, family, your spouse, or your kids, you can find many things to talk about if you just try.
99.    Do makeovers on each other. Makeovers can be a lot of fun, whether you are trying to find a gorgeous new look or aiming to be as silly as possible. Take before and after pictures for the fun of it.
100.    Watch sports on TV. Depending on where the game is based, they may have no rain at all. Enjoy watching your favorite sports on television, especially if they man up and play in the rain.
101.    Go to a play or show. You might have to drive into the city, but it can still be worth a trip on a rainy afternoon or evening to go check out a show or a play at a great venue. Consider Philadelphia, New York City, and other big cities.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of things to do on a rainy day. If you have other suggestions for fun activities when it rains, please share them in our comments below.

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  2. My 14-year-old daughter and I had more fun reading the comments than the suggestions for a rainy day! Best laugh we have had in a long time.

  3. this kinda helped i mean i could do water marble nail painting and for those of you who dont know what that is look it up on youtube
    😛 8) 😆

  4. This did kinda help me I mean I dont know why yall are freakin out all this person did was try to be helpful yall dont like any of this then go to another freakin website 😕 😐 by the way im 11

  5. These are wonderful! Thanks. A little creativity goes a long way. I especially like the romantic ideas. Sometimes we need to be reminded on how much joy there is in spending time with those we love. Great work! 🙄 PS my son really likes the idea of showing MOM how to play the latest video game. Wish me luck!

  6. These are probably not the best ideas in the world and quite booooring but at least this person is trying why don’t thre rest of you have a go and see how hard it is. hmmm 😮

  7. I was kinda hoping for something to do at a cottage while it is raining but this did help. Kids these days have ADD and just can’t sit still unless something is entertaining them i mean READ A FREAKIN BOOK!!!!! btw I’m 15, you guys just need to learn to entertain yourselves for once!

  8. Stop hating on this person. All he or she is trying to do is help you think of ideas to do. God. Some of u people are so rude!!!!!!!! 😕
    Btw I’m 12 years old.

  9. Stop hating on this person. All he or she is trying to do is help you think of ideas to do. God. Some of u people are so rude!!!!!!!! 😕
    Btw I’m 12 years old.

  10. im 13 and dont have the materials to make any of this stuff!!! do you really think everybody has the materials to make a pinyata??!!??

  11. This website was not made to run you free time, so don’t blaime this website for not entertaining you when your the bored person here! “Only boring people get bored” Find your self somthing to do instead of googling them. you don’t need a car for everything! what do you think people did b4 they had cars?? BIKE! Suck it up and just bike there! (God, this generation of kids are getting worst and worst as they get older!!!)

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  16. im 12 and i dont have a car to go anywhere and im bored with all this stuff…… maybe a few more ideas???????????? 😐 :sigh:

  17. This was NOT a waste of time. I basically read some of the suggestions and altered them a little. Like “make your home a photoshop” i turned into “take a bunch of random pictures of you and your friends in the rain or in your home having fun, when your done post them to facebook”! 😉

  18. I am twelve and I know how to crochette and half of these things I could do right now I don’t know why everyone else is complaining this person that wrote this list is just trying to help by listing his/her ideas

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    this was really pointless, espically considering me and my sister are teenagers and need something to do. all these things do need a lot of money or a car witch we do NOT have. so this was pretty much a waste of time!

  20. [quote name=maddyfun]IM 10. I CANT DO ANY OF THIS STUFF BECAUSE MOST OF IT MY MOM WONT LET ME DO. SEROIUSLY? :-|[/quote]Yeah… Except I am 20, and these are teriible suggestions, ha!

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    but thanks anyway it did give me inspiration for the next rainy day i get hopefully this time i wont of broken my foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks 😀 😀 :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz

  28. there is nothing i can do as it is all so expensive or nothing i want to do + i have broken my foot so I’m :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz 😛 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 in a bad mood so i want something fun to do

  29. Going to a rock-climbing place with my little sister (8) and my dad. Thank you so much for all the cool ideas, i will come back to this website next time it is rainy! 😀 😆

  30. This is a good list but i need something fun really fun. I was going to make a pinata but didn’t have a balloon.Anyway TTYL! :-* 😐 😉 🙂 😆 😀 :sigh: :zzz

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  35. :-* Get a life invite peeps over and have a big cooking contest or dance party!!! 😆 8) 😉 😆 8) :-* 😛 🙄 :zzz 😥 🙁 😳 😮 😕 And play tag with ur cat or dog or rabbit or maybe a mouse that you find in your basement :sigh: 🙄 😛 :zzz 😮 😡 😕 😮 😥 😳 😐 😉 Lol

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  45. Bob (first page) really? this is a kids website where kids go on too, im 12 years old… ppl be appropriate 😀

  46. good ideas. The only thing bad is when its a really big thunderstorm, you cant go out, so some of theese things you cant do for example you cant go shopping.

  47. Some productive feedback that you should absorb is: More detailed info, 😕 lesser amount of suggestions and more ways on how to do them, a fun and colourful way to present the suggestions. I respect your courage and individuality to create this page. I give it 6 and a half out of ten! Great 🙂 job! 😆

  48. theses R quite rubbish becausee u cant really shoot pool if u havnt gt a pool table lol etc xx 😮 😮 😮 😮 :sigh: :sigh: :sigh:

  49. hey i thought some of these were alright but i am a teen and me and my friend are madly bord! i have some ideas but idk if my friend will like them. yha so thanks… maybe 😀 😆 🙂 😉 8) 😐 :-* 😳 🙁 😥 😮 😕 😡 😮 :zzz 😛 🙄 :sigh:

  50. These ideas are really crafty but most I can’t do. Because my room is already clean, none of my friends know my addresses and I feel like doing other things.

  51. :sigh: 😀 😆 🙂 😉 8) 😐 :-* 😳 🙁 😥 😕 😮 :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz 😛 🙄 😡 😡 😡 these ideas suck

  52. I think some of this stuff is ok but come on nothing better I’m a teen I want something fun to do not this crap :/

  53. Hey me bored you were dumb enough to look on this website because you couldn’t think of them yourself so cut the creative people who help u some slack!

  54. I was going to go to a museum with my boyfriend but it was gona close in an hour. We ended up doing a bunch of stuff on this list. We had a 70’s themed day. We went to Michael’s and tie dyed shirts, cooked dinner, had cocktails, listened to 70’s music, and then did the back massage idea. Great ideas for a rainy day!

  55. this are good ideas but not specific 😥 at all. Sculpt something draw something :-* not very creative :zzz why not make puppets from brown paper bags or SCULPT zoo animals or safari animals or animals you see at the pet shop 8)

  56. I personally like the one about baking homemade dog treats.. I tried it, great idea! I ended up eating them myself though since I don’t have a dog 😡

    yum! try it you might like it. The rain sucks!


  58. great things to do. I love them all! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyayayayayayyayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayyayayayayaayayayayayayayayayayayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😆

  59. Give me an idea of why it didn’t help – I am happy to update or do a new article on this topic with the info you are seeking. 🙂

  60. Thanks for the feedback Lucy – Love to know what you had in mind or what you were hoping to find! Happy to update for you with new ideas.

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