101 things to do on a rainy day

101 Things to Do Inside on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm

101 things to do on a rainy day, things to do on a rainy day, what to do on a rainy dayIf the weather is preventing you from spending time outside, you can still find a lot of fun things to do inside, on a rainy day, or during a thunderstorm. Even a cloudy day can put a damper on your plans, especially on the weekend. Summertime thunderstorms can be exciting to observe while rainy days during the colder months of the year still call for things to do during your time spent indoors.

From weddings and graduations to days scheduled for picnics and barbecues, we often spend at least a few minutes here and there wishing away the rain and keeping our fingers crossed it just won’t come. Still, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. If you are wondering what to do on a rainy day and having a hard time thinking of something fun or worthwhile, consider these 101 things to do on a rainy day or during a thunderstorm.

Whether you want something fun, romantic, creative, mentally stimulating, productive, active, or just something relaxing to do inside, look no further. No matter if you need ideas for rainy day activities in summer, winter, spring, or fall, this list ideas for a stormy or dreary day can solve your dilemma with plenty of other options to spare.

What to do on a rainy day…

Romantic Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
If the weather is too yucky to go outside, you can still have a romantic date or spend some quality time together inside. Think up your own things to do on a rainy day or consider these top 10 romantic things to do inside on a rainy day or during a thunderstorm.

1.    Enjoy a wine pairing meal or a simple, at-home wine tasting. Share a box of chocolates or a decadent slice of chocolate cake. If you have a fireplace, now is the time to turn it on!
2.    Enjoy homemade fondue. After all, what can’t you dip in chocolate? Marshmallows, cookies, pretzels, brownies, rice krispie treats, need we go on?
3.    Write a poem. A few moments of sweetness and creativity can woo your love for years to come.
4.    Write a love song. See above – what’s more romantic than a song written just for you?
5.    Write a love letter. This is a sweet idea you can put into action on a rainy day where you won’t see your sweetheart.
6.    Spend the day in bed.
7.    Exchange full-body massages with your significant other. Try learning about different massage techniques or get a kit for an interesting massage like a hot stone massage.
8.    Watch a romantic movie. For every few action movies and thrillers, a romance comedy should work its way into your Netflix or OnDemand listing.
9.    Make dinner or a special dessert with your sweetheart. Cooking and baking together can be romantic and fun, so why not make the most of the weather by doing something fun in the kitchen?
10.    Light some candles and play the rest by ear. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing and snuggling up to listen to the rain. If it’s boring enough, you’re sure to find other things to do.

Active Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
Don’t let the bad weather get you down! You can still exercise your muscles or do something active on a rainy day or during some icky weather. Consider these ideas for something active you can do when your energy levels surpass the dullness of the weather outside.

11.    Exercise. Create a fun challenge for yourself to see how many exercises you can do. Work on strength training or cardio to improve your fitness level and muscle tone. You can also opt for an indoor exercise video you enjoy. My pick would be Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.
12.    Do yoga or Pilates. Get your mind and body in sync with a fine balance of stretching and breathing.
13.    Shoot pool / billiards. If you don’t have a pool table, call around to the local billiards centers and see if they have a table available. You can head over with friends and pass the time together.
14.    Play darts. Shooting darts in your basement can be fun, but if you’re old enough, head over to a bar and challenge your friends. Loser buys the next round.
15.    Have a NERF gun fight. This activity can be fun for all ages, even if the power goes out. Make it more exciting by building forts or playing a version of “capture the flag”.
16.    Do some sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, chin-ups, pull-ups, or other indoor exercises. Start a routine for yourself to keep up even on the nicer days. Or you can lift weights. It’s another simple fitness suggestion, but it can give you results that you’ll love. It may only be 15 minutes of activity, but you will feel great as you start to see improvements over time.
17.    Go to the gym. Find a fitness class to try or play racquetball or another indoor sport. You can also use the indoor pool if they have one, or an indoor track or other workout equipment.
18.   Play hide and go seek inside. Depending on the layout of your house, it may be too easy to find your opponents, so you might want to make up new rules to the game or have a home base where you can dash to if you don’t want to get caught.
19.    Visit a gym that has an indoor rock-climbing wall. Climb to your heart’s content and then go out for lunch or dinner.

Creative Things to Do on a Rainy Day or During a Thunderstorm
Rainy weather shouldn’t stop your creativity. In fact, a thunderstorm or a rainy day is the perfect excuse to try a new craft or some other creative things to do. During the next thunderstorm, consider these interesting and crafty ideas for a dismal day.

20.    Do a craft you find on Pinterest. Seriously, I read the comments you guys leave and if you get to the end of the article and haven’t found a thing that you want to do, I am all for sending you over to Pinterest where you can find countless crafts to try.
21.    Learn to crochet or knit or cross-stitch. I made an awesome handmade blanket for my husband before we were married or even engaged. It featured his favorite hockey team and I even free-handed the team logo for the corners of the blanket. It is one of his prized possessions to this day, so don’t knock the needle crafts!
22.    Paint something. Get canvases and make your own artwork or paint rocks or seashells. You can make a noodle sculpture by gluing macaroni or other noodles to a box or other household recyclables and then spray paint the noodles. Get creative and have fun with it!
23.    Draw something. Try to sketch your dog or your true love. Draw your house or your dream house. Doodle. Play Pictionary with your friends. It’s a fun way to pass the time if you like to put pen to paper.
24.    Sculpt something. Use modeling clay or Playdoh. For even more fun, make your own salt dough and craft your own holiday ornaments, animals, or scenes.
25.    Build a model ship, airplane, or rocket. This can be a fun project to try with friends or siblings. It can also be a time-consuming hobby that becomes a favorite pastime. Give it a shot and see what you think!
26.    Make a homemade pinata. You just need a balloon, flour, water, scissors, and newspaper for the most part. Once you are done with that, you can use crepe paper to decorate it. I’ve always wanted to make a pinata of one of our favorite NFL team’s football rivals that we could bash on game day. A rainy day could be the perfect day to try that!
27.    Hold a photography shoot in your home. Play old school dress up with your friends or take cute pictures of your pets or kids (if you have any).
28.    Make homemade jewelry. Depending on the materials you have, you can try to make friendship bracelets, shell jewelry, beaded jewelry, jewelry with stones, and more. Take a look at Etsy to get ideas of what kinds of jewelry people make and sell. You can also make your own hair bows, headbands and other accessories if you feel crafty enough.
29.    Paint your nails. Make your own nail designs for the season, crafting cute characters or a classy look with jewels or sparkles. You should definitely find the time to do a soothing pedicure at home – just soak your feet and listen to music before you get around to choosing what color to paint your toes.
30.    Create and organize new photo albums. It’s been on my to-do list forever, way back to my wedding and now the birth of my daughter. If you have the photos and the albums, spend a few hours putting everything together.
31.    Create a scrapbook. Ditto – see above. I am such a slacker when it comes to scrapbooking and creating photo albums. Maybe one day, one of the next few rainy days…?
32.    Hang some photographs on your walls. Even if you have some artwork already there, consider changing things up a bit. You can get a lovely new look for your favorite rooms by simply changing the art on the walls.
33.    Take up sewing or craft a new sewing project. Some fun things to make may be shaped pillows, tutu skirts, quilts or t-shirt quilts (for all the t-shirts you collected when playing sports but never wear), or other fun sewing projects.
34.    Start a new hobby like brewing your own beer. If you aren’t old enough to brew or drink beer, maybe you’d enjoy a root beer float or Coke float! Just add some ice cream to your favorite soda pop.
35.    Find some old white clothes and give them a tie-dye face lift. This can be very fun with shirts, but also with socks, sports bras, white skirts, shorts, sweats, sheets, and more.
36.    Play pretend. Play made up games like house, school, circus, pet shop / dog pound, museum, newspaper, or other games of make-believe.
37.    Write a song and/or play an instrument. If you are talented enough to do both, go for it. If you have a piano or keyboard at home, this can be a fun way to pass the time in the rainiest of days. Learn a favorite song on your instrument or make up your own.
38.    Learn to play guitar or another instrument if you don’t already know. (Sidebar: Playing guitar in the rain can be an irresistible way to attract certain members of the opposite sex in the future. Who can resist an attractive musician playing a favorite song while the rain trickles down?)
39.    Begin writing a novel or book. If you haven’t written a book yet, why not? You can surely find something to write, whether it’s an actual real-life story or more of a comic series.

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