Three of the Hottest Trends for Fall 2009 Hairstyles

Sexy hairstyles for fall 2009 come in many shapes and sizes, lengths and textures. You can spruce up your hairstyle for autumn with some tips and tricks from the beauty professionals and celebrity hairstylists. Read on for three of the hottest trends for fall 2009 hairstyles.

Some key hairstyle trends for fall 2009 seem to involve blast from the past hairstyles, short and sassy haircuts, and a sexy bun hairdo that keeps your hair off the neck. You should be able to create these hot fall 2009 hairstyle looks with the following tips and tricks.

Fall 2009 Hairstyle 1: The Long Textured Crop
“For shorter styles and cuts, last year’s traditional Bob and short Pixies are updated with a more sophisticated, volumized cropped shape,” says Paul Labrecque, founder and owner of Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa. “Longer bits and more texture leave a tussled, pumped up, simple but sexy style. Get the look in three easy steps, wash, towel dry, and apply Paul Labrecque Daily Finish Matte Pomade and go for gorgeous texture, volume, and lift.”

Paul Labrecque cites Audrey Tatou as having quite the inspiring hairstyle that would be a hot look for women of all ages this fall.

Fall 2009 Hairstyle 2: Farah Fawcett’s Famous Style
Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii says we should see a flashback to the ‘70s for fall hair 2009. He expects Farah Fawcett’s widely known hairstyle to become a staple for long-haired ladies of all ages. Babaii also suggests keeping in mind Goldie Hawn, ABBA and Disco for a fun and fabulous fall 2009 hairstyle.

To create a modern-day Farah Fawcett hairstyle, David Babaii recommends using a leave-in treatment like Hair Polish to mend, nourish, and create shine in your tresses. You can also use a flatiron to smooth out your hair for a super-straight look.

Fall 2009 Hairstyle 3: A Sexy Bun that Stays Put
A sexy and chic bun can be a great look for women of any age, for any occasion. Women with all hair types can look beautiful wearing a sexy bun hairstyle for fall 2009 or anytime. Perhaps the trickiest part of the bun hairstyle is getting the bun to stay put.

Celebrity hair stylist Philip Pelusi and his Tela design team recently styled attractive chignons for Caroline Seikaly’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week presentation at Tela Design Studios. Philip Pelusi’s secret to getting the chignons and buns to stay put is to first “spray the length of your hair/ponytail with holding spray before twisting your hair into bun”.

“The hairspray gives texture to the strands, allowing them to be easily manipulated,” Pelusi explains. “Most people spray the bun after, when they already have the hair pinned and set; this is a much less effective method in keeping the hair to stay in place.”

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