Top 10 Types of Makeup to Keep in Your Makeup Bag

Many women have a true passion for makeup, and if not a passion, at least a mild fascination. Even if you aren’t very intrigued by all the colors, styles, textures, and types of makeup, you can still have fun testing a few different looks now and again. Whether you are a makeup junkie or brand-new to using makeup, there are likely at least a few makeup items you should keep on hand for use as needed.

Depending on your facial features, your complexion, and your personal preferences, some types of makeup may be better suited for you than others. On average, here are the top 10 types of makeup to keep in your makeup bag for use as needed.

1.    Mascara – Great for a night out or gals with light or short eyelashes.

2.    Eye Shadow
– Perfect for adding some color to your face without going overboard.

3.    Eyeliner – An excellent option to make you look more mature.

4.    Lipstick – The perfect way to draw attention to your kissable lips….

5.    Lip liner – A nice way to add some definition to your pout.

6.    Nail Polish – Truly a good way to go the extra mile with your appearance.

7.    Concealer – There may not be a better way to hide your blemishes and dark spots.

8.    Foundation and/or Powder Compact
– Easily blend and even out your complexion.

9.    Blush
– Add a touch of color to your cheeks, especially if you are feeling particularly pale.

10.    Bronzer – Spruce up your look with a warm glow no matter what the season!

Remember, these are just 10 useful types of makeup to have on hand in your makeup bag for any occasion. You can definitely get by with less makeup if wearing makeup all the time just isn’t your thing. Each type of makeup has its own benefits and function, so you can take your time and evaluate which kinds of makeup are best for you.

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