Emmy Hair Tips: The Best Red Carpet Hair Colors According to It&ly Hairfashion

Celebrity hairstyles and hair colors are often the easiest and most successful to emulate. When it comes to looking great and feeling even better about your image, styles and trends from the red carpet can really enhance your image, not to mention your confidence. The 61st Emmy Awards ceremony welcomed countless celebrities, each boasting her own hot and fashionable hair color, whether dyed or natural. If you are interested in Emmy hair tips to help you achieve the same kind of lovely colors as the celebrities who walked the red carpet for the Emmys, go for it!

The following Emmy hair tips offer the best red carpet hair colors according to President and CEO of It&ly Hairfashion, Richard Zucckero. Zucckero shares the details on the hottest red carpet hair colors that you can try at home. If you want Emmy style hair or red carpet looks, just consider these sexy hair color choices spotted at the 2009 Emmy Awards.

Whether you are seeking natural hair color hues or classic finished styles, you can get true red carpet looks with It&ly Hairfashion products, which are popular in Hollywood with top shows like Twilight, Gossip Girl, and Sex & the City, to name a few.

Key Red Carpet Hair Color Trends – Natural, “Believable” Looks
“Makeup and hair color played along a strong statement this year,” says Richard Zucckero, President and CEO of It&ly Hairfashion. “Gone were the ‘old’ bold statements of multi-dimensional, in-your-face highlights, panels and streaks. The stars instead chose subtle, ‘believable’ hair color tones that fully complimented their skin and eyes. The styles supported and confirmed an overall shift towards a more natural look. While we may have missed the sometimes outlandish hair and make-up creations, one must recognize and applaud the truly outstanding talent that can achieve simple perfection.”

Achieve the Emmy Look of Kristen Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies
“Kristen Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies is the picture perfect blond,” says Zucckero. “If her natural level is not darker than 7, her look is achievable by a single process such as Colorly Arctic Blondes or a single process high-lift such as SSA or SSC with Oxily Advanced 40 Volume. If she is darker, then Easily Blond decolorizing powder is the clear choice for perfectly controlled and conditioned highlights. Her [Kristen Chenoweth’s] style is easily achieved with a cocktail of a few drops of Purity Design Pure Water Drops mixed into Purity Design Pure Glaze and dispersed evenly from roots to ends. The product will offer the perfect natural shine and direction.”

Gossip Girl Blake Lively Hair Color and Style from the Emmys
“Blake Lively channels the style of a Grecian Goddess with this perfect example of Greco-Roman style twisting and braiding,” Zucckero explains. “The high placement of the braided pony-tail style is designed to compliment a perfectly structured face and profile. The color is as natural as possible. The depth in her hair color is most prominent below the occipital however this effect is a result of this hair being combed closer to the head and shadowed by the braid. Still, her color clearly has a darker shade, most probably a level 6 or 7, light brown or dark natural blond. On top, Blake is a combination of level 8 and level 9 natural blond shades. They are natural and neutral. Not overly warm or cool and the perfect complement to her skin and eyes.”

Zucckero  adds, “To create Blake’s look properly, the color formulation and application are intricate requiring at least three if not four blond shades including Colorly or AQUAR&ly 7N, 8B, 9B and 9D alternating throughout the head with 7N predominant in the back. Natural blondes always have at least three distinct levels of depth and tonality. The look can be achieved with color variation by zone application but the right way is to utilize foils with very narrow partings. As for styling products, once again the overall theme holds true with no high octane sprays or fixatives required. The trick to this one is you are applying the chosen products in the reverse of their usual order.”

Zucckero recommends Purity Design Glaze, applied very lightly and evenly dispersed.

“The working and holding spray are the same in this style,” he says. “The choice is Purity Design Pure Texture Spray to deliver hold but to also maintain the perfectly controlled pieces.”

Leighton Meester and Debra Messing Emmy Hair

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