Fail Proof Tips for Flawless Beach Weddings

Beach weddings can be a dream come true, but they can also be a risk when it comes to hoping for the right kind of wedding weather to enjoy your outdoor shoreline wedding. Despite the chance that it might rain on your wedding day, thus altering some of your plans for your beach wedding, you may still enjoy an exciting beach wedding with these great fail proof beach wedding planning tips.

As you plan your beach wedding, you’ll doubtless be focused on many of the same wedding elements as other brides who are not having beach weddings, but you will also have other planning tasks on your mind. Minoo Hersini, creative director at Au Ciel Design Studio, shares the following fail proof tips to ensure a flawless beach wedding.


•    Research locations.

•    Inquire about the rules and regulations of the particular area where you will tie the knot.

•    Based on those regulations and your budget, make your guest list.

•    Send a “Save The Date” at least nine months in advance and request a response two months prior to your wedding.

•    Make several copies of all your documents, passport and photo IDs (at least two).

•    Ensure all requirements are indicated in your contract such as the permit for the location, limitations in regards to the number of guests, décor, sound, alcohol, food, chairs, canopies, etc. Also, try to have witnesses present if possible. Public beaches require permits and are usually limited to a certain number of guests. Private beaches also require permits, yet, the owners usually give you more leeway.

•    Watch out for the weather!
Always plan for rain and thunder even though that type of weather is not always expected during that time of year.

•    Plan for transportation to and from your wedding location.

•    Be on site at least three to five days before.
You will have enough time to verify all details and if needed, you will be able to rearrange certain aspects of your wedding.

•    Buy fancy flip-flops for your guests if your wedding is directly on the beach.

•    You are not expected to provide travel and accommodation for your guests. If they accept your invitation, the expense is usually considered as your wedding present; however, the bride usually provides accommodation for the bridal party.

•    Lastly, the ideal situation is to rent a house by the beach. Therefore, you will be able to utilize the beach for the ceremony and the house for the reception.

– Tips courtesy of Minoo Hersini.

About the Expert:
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