Top 10 Fun and Adventurous Winter Double Date Ideas

Sometimes winter drags on and we wonder when spring will finally arrive. Rather than wishing away wintertime, get together with your sweetheart and another couple who are your dear friends and go on a fun and adventurous double date instead. You can get some exercise, have a healthy competition, see new sights, try new things, and best of all, do these fun winter double date ideas with people who you love.

For a fun winter dating adventure, consider these top 10 fun and adventurous winter double date ideas:


1.    Go ice skating together or play two-on-two pond hockey. If you are playing or skating on a real pond, just make sure the ice you’re playing on is completely frozen. Do not take any chances here, folks!

2.    Snuggle up on a sofa or loveseat and watch a movie with snacks. This one classifies as fun, not so much adventurous. Each couple can have a different part of the sofa or their own loveseat, of course, but the point is that you can all enjoy some popcorn or pizza, candy, cookies, whatever, as you watch a movie of your choosing.

3.    Plan a ski trip together.
Many couples love planning weekend getaways or long weekends with friends for a double dating adventure like a ski trip. You can go skiing or snowboarding depending on your preference, and when the day is done (or you just need a break), cozy up in the lounge and sip some hot chocolate.

4.    Visit a lake and try ice fishing. You’ll have to do your homework first to make sure the lake is frozen enough to be on top. A good rule of thumb would be to contact the township or a park office for more information so you can make sure your ice fishing double date adventure is a safe one.

5.    Go snow tubing or sledding.
A fun winter group date or double date is surely snow tubing or sledding. These activities are easy enough for just about anyone to do and they are fun in single tubes or tandem tubes. Once you are done playing in the snow, you can get some hot chocolate and snacks or food at the lodge. Yum!

6.    Rent snowmobiles and careen around the Winter Wonderland. If you are comfortable with operating a motorized vehicle outside in the cold weather and snowy terrain, snowmobiling might be right up your alley. Get your group together for a fun ride around the area. Just be careful as you drive and make sure you don’t do any silly tricks that could cause collisions. Also, if you plan to snowmobile across a lake, first be sure that the lake is fully frozen to support the weight.

7.    Find an indoor arena to get competitive and have some fun.
Try some doubles bowling or visit an indoor arcade. You could also check with your local YMCA for a guest pass to play racquetball, volleyball, basketball, or even use the swimming pool.

8.    Escape the cold and take a long weekend somewhere down south.
There’s something to be said for visiting a warm weather location in the dead of winter. That brief period of warm air, sunshine, and being outside in less clothing can really rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit during the colder months. Even more fun if you can explore the destination with good friends.

9.    Visit a winery or a brewery for a tour and tasting. Most wineries tend to be open for business even during the colder months, so this could be a great group date or double date for winter. If you plan to partake in the wine or beer, be sure at least one of you takes it easy so you can have a safe ride home. For a more relaxing spin, arrange some chauffeured transportation to get you from place to place safely without anyone missing out on the fun.

10.    Visit New York City to see the beautiful holiday scenes. You can go ice skating at Rockefeller Center or in Central Park – one of the true must-see, must-do activities in NYC in the winter. Your group can also take a carriage ride, visit the many shops, and stop for a bite to eat in one of countless eateries.

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