Striking Looks – Free Customized Beauty and Fashion Advice for Real Women, featuring Simma Lieberman

Welcome to our new column – Striking Looks! In this regular Life Love Beauty feature, we are offering real women the opportunity to receive customized beauty and fashion advice based on their hair color, eye color, face shape, body type, complexion, and general appearance. Top beauty and fashion industry experts share their tips and best recommendations for our featured readers based on photos and appearance stats they provide, along with any special requests.

Simma Lieberman - free beauty advice volunteer

Read on to find out our experts suggestions for each beauty reader and let us know if you are interested in receiving free customized beauty advice and fashion tips or if you are qualified to serve as one of our expert beauty and fashion panelists. We hope you enjoy this new regular feature on Life Love Beauty!

Striking Looks –
Beauty and Fashion Advice for Real Women

About Simma Lieberman,
our first featured guest

Simma Lieberman - free beauty advice volunteer

“I want to live life fully in all ways, and feel great about how I look. I’m in a profession that can be age and looks conscious and would like feel and look vibrant.”


Simma Lieberman is an organizational development consultant based in California. She specializes in Diversity and Inclusion, Power Living, and Gender Communications.

Simma Lieberman recently celebrated her 60th birthday, although she must have great genes because we can’t figure out how she came up with that number. Simma is our very first reader to be featured in the new Striking Looks beauty advice column on Life Love Beauty. Here she will receive customized beauty and fashion advice that is tailored to her specific looks.


Simma is 5’9″ and between 136 – 155 lbs. She has blue / green eyes and brown hair with a blonde streak in the front. Her skin tone is light beige and she has an oval face.


Customized Beauty Advice for our Readers!Examples of the kinds of customized beauty and fashion advice that Simma will receive include:

  • Best haircut / hairstyle based on face shape
  • Best makeup colors based on eye color and skin tone
  • Best skincare advice based on complexion
  • Best nail and manicure / pedicure advice
  • Best fashion advice in terms of haircuts and styles
  • Best hair color

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