How to Create a Simple, Twisty Bun Hairstyle

Twisty, sexy bun hairstyle with steps and photosSometimes the best kinds of hairstyles to have in your mental book of tricks tend to be the ones you can wear anytime, for any occasion. A sexy bun hairstyle is one example of such a hairstyle, but did you know you can build off of the bun hairstyle for an even prettier, classier look?

Why not go with a soft and sexy bun hairstyle instead of the traditional sleek and pinned-back style? Buns gained much popularity for fall hairstyles, especially after Philip Pelusi and his Tela design team created a sexy, twisty bun hairstyle for more than 30 models at the Kati Stern’s Venexiana Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show.

If you would like to try a twisty bun hairstyle with your own hair, you can try a simple process to get the same great looks as the models at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Show. To create a twisty bun hairstyle using your own hair, follow these steps, courtesy of Philip Pelusi and the Tela design team:

Twisty, sexy bun hairstyle with steps and photos1.    Make a side part and take three inches of the hair closest to the front and pin to the side.

2.    Take another three inches from the crown of the head, right behind the section of hair you just marked off and pin that to the side as well.

3.    You should be left with two sections of hair on both sides of your head.

4.    Take the hair from the right section, and twist hair into a low ponytail. You should go from your temple to the nape of your neck.

5.    Take the hair from the left section, and do the same but make sure you keep hair on an angle.

Twisty, sexy bun hairstyle - front view - with steps and photos6.    You should be left with two “rolls” on each side of your head.

7.    With the hair in the low ponytail, you should coil pieces together and allow them to fold into each other. Just use pins to hold hair in place.

8.    Take the top section from the crown of your head and twist that piece loosely like a rope. Then pin it to your head.

9.    Take the last section of hair and fold the hair into the rolls with your finger and pin all loose pieces with your finger.

Twisty, sexy bun hairstyle - stylists creating the look - with steps and photosTips and instructions courtesy of Philip Pelusi and the Tela Design Team

If you are concerned about the hairstyle staying in place once you’ve created your twisty bun hairstyle, simply spray some of your favorite holding product. You can enjoy wearing this pretty and classy twisty bun hairstyle at work or at play, daytime or at night, and for a formal occasion or a casual one. Thanks to its easy steps to create and the elegant, lovely look when complete, this simple twisty bun hairstyle is a winning hairdo to add to your hairstyle rotation.

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