30 Fun Things to Do to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

You only turn 30 once, so why not celebrate it in style! Instead of dreading age 30, embrace it. Your life is not over, not even half way, so welcome age 30 with a smile and instead of moaning about your age, make some fantastic memories. If you can’t think of something extra special to do for your 30th birthday, consider these 30 fun ways to celebrate turning 30.

Whether you are into sports or the arts, relaxing or going out on the town, these 30 fun things to do to celebrate your 30th birthday should give you an idea of a great way to celebrate the big 3-0. Get together with your best pals, your family and everyone you know, or just your sweetheart for an exciting way to celebrate your 30th birthday.

Here are 30 fun ways to celebrate turning 30:

1.    Go to a baseball game.

2.    Rent out a party suite at a hockey game.

3.    Go to a football game.

4.    Plan a golf weekend.

5.    Plan a spa weekend.

6.    Throw a party.

7.    Go out to dinner with friends or family.

8.    Have a happy hour.

9.    Tour a brewery.

10.    Plan a wine tour.

11.    Go on a road trip somewhere.

12.    Check out a casino.

13.    Go to a Broadway show or other theatrical event.

14.    Go to a comedy club.

15.    Go to Las Vegas.

16.    Go to New York City.

17.    Go on a cruise.

18.    Go to your own surprise party. (Inevitably, someone will throw a surprise party for probably half of you guys who read this.)

19.    Go out to a club to go dancing.

20.    Check out a male revue or a strip club. (Just for kicks!)

21.    Take a class with a group of friends.

22.    Plan a vacation to someplace you’ve always wanted to see.

23.    Go to a fancy restaurant with a great view with your sweetheart.

24.    Go to a big kids’ arcade, like Dave & Buster’s, where you can play skee ball to your heart’s content.

25.    Do something adventurous like skydiving, bungee jumping, or going for a ride down a zip line.

26.    Go bowling with a group of friends.

27.    Try your luck at miniature golf with your closest pals. Losing team buys ice cream.

28.    Plan a fishing trip or charter your own boat.

29.    Rent a cabin in the mountains or a cottage at the beach and chill with your best buds.

30.    Sleep in, lay around in your pajamas all day, and then spend the night anyway you like!

No matter what you decide to do to celebrate your 30th birthday, we hope you have a safe and wonderful special day. Be sure to do something special to pamper yourself or to create great memories of your 30th birthday. Wishing you many more happy years!

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6 thoughts on “30 Fun Things to Do to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

  1. People who were probably googling for ideas on what to do, because they had no ideas of their own, come on here and complain the list of ideas is bad?

  2. Sorry to hear these didn’t meet the mark for you – we had a great time at a Flyers suite and at a karaoke place for our birthdays. Love to know what other ideas you have, or what you were actually looking for, instead.

  3. HAHAHA, this is the WORST list of 30th birthday ideas. That’s is probably why i found it so funny. : P

    I’ve got one for you, rearrange your stamp cllection into colors. : P

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