A Look at the Caroline Mary Jane of the Aetrex Essence Collection

Aetrex Caroline Mary Jane Shoe ballet flatAetrex manufactures a nice line of women’s shoes designed for women with problematic feet. While I don’t consider myself to have problematic feet per se, I do appreciate a pair of shoes designed to provide comfort along with style. After all, as many of you might know, once the feet have reached their breaking point there isn’t any recourse but to take off your shoes and give your feet that much deserved break. Plus, my feet aren’t perfect after the years of abuse that I put them through squeezing my tender little toes into pointy high heels. For those tender spots where calluses and bunions exist, it is nice to have another option besides buying a new pair of shoes.

Crafted with the Mozaic customization insole, the Caroline Mary Jane features terrific comfort built right into the specialized insoles. The insole lifts out readily allowing easy access to the gel plugs that have been carefully inserted into this unique insole. All you need to do is identify the location where you are experiencing pain or pressure, remove the gel plug and reinsert the sole. Once you do so, your foot should feel better.

Aetrex Essence Caroline Mary Jane Shoe ReviewSince I am used to heels or sneakers, both of which I live in although not at the same time, it took me a bit to get used to wearing flats again. If you have the same problem, stick with it as these shoes tend to feel more comfortable after a few wearings. Maybe it just took that long for me to get used to the idea that I could tear my shoes apart if I wanted to do so.

The Caroline Mary Jane is just one of the many styles included in the Aetrex Essence Collection. Although I have not worn any of the other styles and only received this free sample for the purposes of this review, I think that I would discover the other styles to be just as fashionable and comfortable.

In fact, I did glance at a few of their other available shoes including “Lizzy,” “Lucy,” “Ellie,” and “Maggie,” and I discovered that each style seems to carry a woman’s name (kind of cute when you think about it) and all of the styles seem to be flats. If you have a job that keeps you on your feet most of the working day, a pair of Aetrex could be the solution you need to come home without wanting to take off your footwear.

Cute and sassy in a sophisticated way, the Caroline Mary Jane features an easy to place Velcro strap with a suede upper. The top of the upper is elasticized for added comfort. The outsole is rubber so it holds up well. Maybe this isn’t actually a selling point, but the outsole is designed with a floral pattern- it is kind of cute to look at.

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