ChapSticks, Lip Balms, and Lip Glosses to Love

Lip Balm to Love: Alba Coconut Cream Lip Balm
This tropical delight contains Vitamin E, Coconut, and Aloe to deliver a smooth and hydrating effect for lips. My favorite parts of this lip treat are the taste and the texture. The rich and creamy consistency of the lip balm is decadent and luxurious. I highly recommend this product. The taste is much like the perfect pina colada, but even better, as it’s just a smooth and frisky hint of the tropics.

Alba Coconut Cream Lip Balm contains certified organic jojoba seed oil. You can also try the Alba Pineapple Quench flavor and Passion Fruit Nectar. These tasty and tropical lip balm products retail for around $3 – $4 at your favorite drugstores, mass retailers, and For more information, see

Softlips lip balm with SPF 20
Lip Balms to Love: Softlips Varieties with SPF – notably Raspberry with Green Tea Extract
Products provided free to writer for reviewWith so many flavors to consider and try, it’s hard to know where to start with explaining how wonderful Softlips is for giving us such a great variety to consider. Well, it would be hard to know where to start, except I am a true sucker for raspberry, so I’ll begin by telling you about my very favorite flavor by Softlips – Raspberry with Green Tea Extract.

All Softlips lip balm products offer a richly hydrating effect that leaves your lips soft and kissable and ready to bear the elements. Many of the Softlips lip balm products boast SPF 20, making them ideal for summer beach vacations, gardening activities, and winter ski trips.

Softlips Raspberry with Green Tea Extract is my favorite flavor by far, perhaps because it so nicely aligns with my favorite iced tea (Crystal Light Green Tea with Raspberry), or perhaps because it really is just a fabulous flavor. The raspberry flavoring is refreshing and delicious. I can honestly wear this lip balm every day, all day, if needed. In fact, I might just want to do that anyway.

Another nice thing is the generous two-pack that Softlips provides. This is especially nice so that you aren’t as disappointed when you realize that half of your lip balm is gone already.

Softlips sent me a wonderful shipment of samples to try out, and while the Raspberry with Green Tea Extract was by far my favorite (it’s out of this world!), I also found other flavors that I just love. The coconut cream flavor was another of my favorites, not to mention the cherry flavor, passion fruit flavor, and of course, classic strawberry. But even after having all these open, I still grabbed for the raspberry first, followed by the coconut if I couldn’t find my first pick. All flavor preferences aside, these lip balms will hydrate your lips and leave them soft, smooth, and kissable. I truly believe you will love these products!

The two-pack of Softlips lip balm typically retails for $3.69 and up. You can buy Softlips at, at your favorite drugstore, grocery store, or mass retailer. For more information on Softlips, visit online at

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