Thanksgiving Traditions to Enjoy with Your Family

Thanksgiving time is a great time of year to remember why we’re thankful in our lives. Celebrating a special holiday like Thanksgiving with family can become a cherished family tradition. You can also make up your own family traditions to enjoy each year at Thanksgiving. Spending time with your family often blossoms into great memories and family traditions. Here are a few family traditions to consider for your loved ones at Thanksgiving.

1.    Cook or bake together. Make the stuffing together or bake up some Thanksgiving sugar cookies. Don’t forget the pies!

2.    Have everyone explain what in their lives makes them thankful. This is best practiced right after you say grace and right before you dig into your feast!

3.    Look at old family photos together and add new ones to the collection.
This can be especially fun when your sons and daughters are in their teenage years – especially if their significant others stop by for dessert!

4.    Watch the football games. This might also be a good time for a nap after all that turkey!

5.    Play flag football or touch football outside. This can be great fun with your family, friends, and neighbors. Just be careful not to get hurt!

6.    Go shopping together on Black Friday. Some shopping locations even open late at night on Thanksgiving to kick off the shopping festivities early.


7.    Swap your favorite recipes for the leftover turkey or ham.
This plan works great with your older children and your daughters-in-law especially.

8.    Play board games or card games after dessert. From Chinese checkers to Charades, you can surely find a fun board game that matches your family dynamic.

9.    Enjoy a signature cocktail. Shirley Temples for the kids! What a great way to unwind after all that cooking, cleaning, and visiting!

10.    Watch a movie snuggled under blankets and pillows. There’s no better way to relax with your loved ones on Thanksgiving night.

Whatever you decide to do for Thanksgiving with your family, consider starting or continuing a family tradition that you can enjoy every year. A Thanksgiving tradition can be lots of fun and a very memorable way to spend the holiday. Ask your family members what they would prefer to do and you can really make a great Thanksgiving family tradition for many years to come.

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