Top 10 Cold Weather Winter Adventure Date Ideas

When it comes to cold weather, most people either love it or hate it. Despite the potentially cold and snowy conditions this time of year, winter can be an exciting time to plan a date. Fireplaces, hot cocoa, and snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie all come to mind as an ideal relaxing winter date idea… but what if you’ve got a more adventurous date in mind?

Adventure dates can be fun for all ages, depending on the activities you choose to include on your winter date. You can do things indoors or outdoors, depending on your tolerance for frosty weather. You can plan a local adventure date or schedule some vacation time and travel plans and possibly even visit a warmer climate for a winter adventure date without the winter weather.

No matter what your preferences, you can really enjoy a winter adventure date once you’ve decided on the level of intensity for your date idea. To follow are 10 cold weather winter adventure date ideas.

1.    Skiing or snowboarding

2.    Heli skiing

3.    Snow tubing

4.    Cross-country skiing

5.    Snow-shoeing


6.    Ice fishing

7.    Snowmobiling

8.    Tobogganing

9.    Indoor water park or swim club

10.    Indoor rock climbing

Most of these winter adventure date ideas require snow or ice for the date to successfully take place. If you opt for ice skating, you may be better off visiting an ice skating rink rather than taking your chances on a pond or lake that may not be fully frozen.

Remember, with any adventure situation, these winter adventure dates can be dangerous and may pose various risks to your health and even your life. Take all necessary precautions and do not attempt anything dangerous on your winter adventure dates such as stunt jumps if you are a beginner skier. Involve a guide for adventurous tours and involve an instructor for adventurous activities where you are a beginner or novice. Put safety as your first priority in your winter adventure date ideas and then the memories and great experiences are sure to follow!

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