Satisfying the Male Appetite Isn’t Easy Unless You Have “Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys” Among Your Cookbooks

Written by Lucinda Scala Quinn, the top expert on food entertaining for Martha Stewart, “Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys” emphasizes preparing tasty recipes designed to provide vitality and health while satisfying appetites for both men and boys. It features recipes, strategies, and survival techniques that can be used to feed hungry men and boys. Let’s face it, satisfying the hunger of males is not an easy task. The recipes are simple, healthy, and delicious! You might want to find out for yourself and simplify your hectic life at least in the kitchen.

“Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys” is divided into 5 excellent chapters:
•    Tools, Flavors, and Theories
•    Breakfast
•    Lunch
•    Dinner
•    Dessert

It makes a great deal of sense to start a cookbook off with a few important pointers on the preparatory tools needed to start a meal. Obviously, not all of us have been blessed with mothers who were culinary queens in the kitchen and this type of added help is certainly useful. From the obvious pots, pans, and utensils to the necessary shopping list and trip to the store to the final step of preparing the recipe, the tips include an eclectic array of practical, functional techniques. From tips on using a knife to tips on setting up a pantry to tips on shopping with the kids in tow to tips on cleaning up, you will find everything you need to know to get started in Chapter 1.

You will discover an amazing medley of recipes destined to show up on the breakfast table for the heartiest of appetites (a man’s) in Chapter 2. Try the Omelet for One for starters as it is truly delicious! From hot and cold beverages to just about every type of cooked egg imaginable to breakfast-friendly pastries to hearty meats, breakfast at the house for your guys will certainly never be the same once you begin to use this cookbook.

Chapter 3 continues the quest to serve up satisfying meals that will tempt the guy in your life. Only this time, the menu is one that includes a bevy of lunch-friendly temptations. As we all know, any food that can be eaten without the benefit of kitchen utensils offers a win-win situation. Not only can a wife, mother, or girlfriend prepare a healthy lunch for their man, but they can also be assured that it will be eaten and heartily at that! Suggested recipes include pocket pies, tasty sandwiches, empanadas, and burgers. Of course, utensils eventually enter the picture with a medley of healthy salads, soups, salsas, and pastas.

This book features an interesting array of flavorful suggestions for dinner as well, starting with a popular entrée of fried chicken and continuing through an entire bevy of different methods to prepare chicken. The pictures alone look tempting enough, so just imagine what you can do with the recipes.

If chicken isn’t your guy’s favorite, tap into some of the recipes for short ribs, chili, meatballs, lamb, pork, turkey with all of the trimmings, or a sensational set of steak entrees. For fish lovers, this book also includes some terrific tips on how to prepare healthy and delicious recipes for tuna, bass, salmon, and shrimp. You will also find instructions for preparing paella and lasagna so that you can satisfy the craver of carbs in your household. Following these recipes, you will even have your boys eating vegetables out of your hand including greens, smashed potatoes, and Italian fries!

The final chapter touches upon the Achilles heel of most women – DESSERT! Just try to avoid this chapter and you might discover that preparing a few of these tasty temptations for your men folk is actually the same as preparing them for yourself. Whether it is busy-day chocolate cake, old-fashioned apple pie, or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, there happens to be a recipe to satisfy everyone’s discerning palate when it comes to desserts.

Product provided free to writer for reviewWhile you might not be as lucky as I have been to receive a free copy of “Mad Hungry- Feeding Men and Boys,” it is well worth the small price to purchase the book.

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