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Harvest Themed Product Feature: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Product Line

‘Tis the season to be super skinny – Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell that is!

Super Skinny Relaxing Balm, daily shampoo and daily treatment will protect, smooth and control your hair while it resists the humidity of, that sometimes, smoldering weather outside. It doesn’t matter if you have the most unruly hair type or the most impeccable hair ever – Super Skinny will leave you amazed.

We all know that when we use Paul Mitchell products, we’re going to be satisfied. Maybe it’s because they put the best ingredients together in order to produce a one-of-a-kind hair product that is sure to mend and maintain beautiful hair. I know that for me, the difference has been night and day.

Before I used the shampoo, conditioner and relaxing balm from Paul Mitchell, I had flyaways, frizz problems, and control issues. Now, my hair looks shiny, smells great(er) and has a beautiful healthy bounce to it. I’ve already had plenty of comments and questions about what I use to make my hair so pretty. They all assume I have a hairdresser and ask where I go. When I tell them it’s just Paul Mitchell and a blow-dryer for style, they say I’m lying. To me, that’s a compliment in itself… for people to feel like I’m holding back on a little “secret” about my hair regime is just too funny.

My take on the products I received for review is that they are marvelous! I love the smells that linger in your hair long after you’ve washed (or at least until you wash again), I love the bounce that has been added to my hair and most importantly, I love the shine that has become radiantly apparent over the past week since I first began using them.

If you’re doing any shopping for stocking stuffers this holiday season, I recommend a few bottles of the new Smooth Styling Paul Mitchell Super Skinny styling products. It’s sure to make the recipient of these gifts some seriously happy campers!

When I first received Paul Mitchell’s new Super Skinny Product line, I couldn’t help but stop what I was doing in order to check it out. It’s funny because I knew the name, I knew the cost, but I had never used Paul Mitchell before. I can’t say if it’s due to the initial “sticker shock” or not, but I never went out of my way to purchase it.

Now, mind you, I’ve heard all the rave about the name and knew how good this was, but it wasn’t until last week, when I tried it for the very first time, did I truly understand what everyone meant – now I know why there’s a pretty price behind the product – THIS STUFF IS AMAZING… it honestly makes me wonder why I had never tried it before. This is an incredible brand of hair product and is well worth the cost. Would I recommend this to others? ABSOLUTELY!

*Paul Mitchell products are only available in professional salons. To locate a salon near you, please call 1.800.321.JPMS or visit www.paulmitchell.com.

DISCLOSURE: these products were provided, FREE, by Paul Mitchell for the purpose of review. I am in no way entitled to lure you into purchasing this or any other products featured on Life Love Beauty. My opinions are based on my experiences through the use of the products and I do not claim responsibility for anyone who feels differently. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: I’ve also tried the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny styling gel and it is an effortless fix to flyaways and frizzy hair. It’s perfect for dry hair or damp hair right out of the shower. The Super Skinny styling products have produced great results on my hair as well. Also, the Super Skinny line offers a fabulous apple fragrance, which is perfect for fall harvest time or anytime of year.

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