Amazing Autumn Makeup Trends for 2009

Autumn is a wonderful time for new fashions, new makeup trends, and colors in just about every part of life. Incorporating some autumn makeup trends into your look for fall 2009 can be a fun and exciting makeover opportunity. Consider these amazing autumn makeup trends for 2009 to help you get started.

Autumn makeup may be some of the most awaited colors, textures, and styles of the entire year. Cosmetics for fall make a great statement in back to school looks and Thanksgiving and holiday glam styles. Whether you are looking for a whole new look or just a hot new makeup color for fall, consider these amazing autumn makeup trends for 2009.


Christopher Drummond, licensed esthetician and makeup artist and creator of Christopher Drummond Beauty, offers four of the hottest autumn makeup trends for fall 2009. Consider one or all of these amazing autumn makeup trends for 2009.

Gold Eye Shadow – Drummond asks, “What better way to maintain the radiant look that the sun gives us than to apply a beautiful golden eye shadow?” Drummond says, “gold eye shadow looks great on everyone, whether you use a small amount just to perk up the eyes or a large amount to glam up the look. Christopher Drummond Oro Shadow can be applied in a small amount with the finger tips for a beautiful ‘worn in’ look or it can be layered for more intensity.”

Hydrated Skin – “Wind, cold and sun all damage the skin,” Drummond cautions. “Maintaining sky hydration is good to protect the skin and to allow for you to have healthy-looking, glowing skin. The Christopher Drummond Saude Pele Radiance Booster is an antioxidant-packed skin saving and hydrating power that does for your skin what the harsh weather doesn’t.”

Deep Green Eye Liner – “Perfect for the commitment-phobic, a shimmery deep green liner is a great addition to the eyes without going full-out,” Drummond recommends. “It adds a dash of color without looking like you have too much color on. This fall, Christopher Drummond Beauty will be releasing a new liner called Peacock.”

Minimal Makeup – After working on makeup for New York Fashion Week, Drummond says “the big trend for spring is nude makeup. So why not beat everyone to the punch and start the trend early? Products like Christopher Drummond Veludo Velvet Foundation even out skin tone, while still showing off the positive attributes about your skin.”

About the Expert:
Christopher Drummond Beauty uses all-natural products. Christopher Drummond Beauty products are vegan and organic-based makeup infused with an exclusive blend of Brazilian Açai, botanical extracts, and trace minerals. For more information, please see

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