How to Create a Half Moon Manicure by CND, as Seen at Ruffian, Fall Fashion Week 2009

The Ruffian half-moon manicure is one of the hottest nail styles for fall and winter in 2009. This deep burgundy red half-moon manicure debuted at Fall Fashion Week 2009, but it’s a dynamic manicure style you can wear well after the fall has passed. You can enjoy showing off this classy and elegant manicure either by painting your own nails or visiting your favorite nail salon to get a half-moon manicure professionally done.

CND Education Training Manager Roxanne Valinoti served as one of the CND nail pros backstage at NY Fashion Week 2009. She kindly shares step-by-step instructions on how you can create your own half-moon manicure at home. To paint your own Ruffian half-moon manicure, follow these steps by Roxanne Valinoti.

1.    File your nails into a soft almond shape.

2.    For longer wear, scrub your nails with ‘Scrubfresh’ to cleanse.

3.    Apply a thin coat of Stickey Base Coat to all 10 nails.

4.    Apply CND’s Putty or other neutral color such as Buff or Creamy Cameo to the entire nail.

5.    Apply a coat of CND’s Bloodline or other deep red color such as Dark Ruby or Scarlet Letter to the nail leaving the lunula, or ‘half moon,’ at the cuticle free of polish to allow the first coat to show through.

6.    TIP: Start by outlining the half moon, starting with one corner of the cuticle, continuing to the center of the nail. Continue from the opposite corner, to the center of nail. Then brush towards free edge to coat the entire nail for even coverage.

7.    Polish the entire nail with one layer of Super Shiney Top Coat for lustrous finish.

–    Step-by-step instructions provided by Roxanne Valinoti of CND

The Ruffian half-moon manicure would be a perfect look for the Christmas holidays or even New Year’s Eve. Dress up your everyday look with a deep red half-moon manicure that looks great no matter what you wear, from jeans to dresses and heels.

About the Expert:
Roxanne Valinoti is a CND (Creative Nail Design) Ambassador and nail expert. CND provides the salon and spa professional with products, services, education and support for the high quality nail services. For more information on CND (Creative Nail Design), visit online at

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