The Fabulous Fine Fragrance Collection from Degree Women

Degree Fine Fragrance Classic Romance Anti-Perspirant ReviewIf you are a fan of Degree products, and even if you have yet to try them, you are in for a treat. Degree recently released the new Fine Fragrance Collection, which features sexy and delightful fragrances in the same reliable no-show antiperspirant and deodorant we all know and love. An interesting twist, Degree also offers body mists in the same pleasant scents as the antiperspirants.

The three pretty fragrances in the Degree Fine Fragrance Collection are Delicious Bliss, Classic Romance, and Sexy Intrigue. Each fragrance in the collection features its own color scheme, from sunny goldenrod Delicious Bliss to seductive lavender Sexy Intrigue to pretty pink Classic Romance.

For a little background, the nose behind these fabulous fragrances is world-renowned fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb. Gottlieb is also involved in creating many other successful scents in the fragrance industry. She designed the Degree Fine Fragrance Collection scents to be very much like perfume, boasting top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

The Degree Women Sexy Intrigue fragrance reminds me of something warm and delicious, perhaps a tempting, home-baked dessert or a vanilla treat, yet the fragrance itself is not that of baked goodie. The scent of Sexy Intrigue also infuses the aroma of rose and jasmine, not to mention a touch of baby powder, giving it a delicate combination of soothing fragrances.

The Degree Women Delicious Bliss fragrance is playful and refreshing. A fruity introduction of apple, raspberry, and peach blends nicely with floral notes of hyacinth and magnolia. This fragrance is gentle and subtle and perfect for work or play. The flirty, lingering scent of Delicious Bliss is especially enjoyable.

Degree Fine Fragrance Body Mist Review

The Degree Women Classic Romance fragrance is feminine yet sweet and light. I can’t quite put my finger on the keynotes in this dreamy fragrance, but whatever it is, I love it! The pretty fragrance is perfect for a date or even a quick spritz after working out. You can really enjoy this body mist and antiperspirant fragrance any time day, any time of year. This is probably my favorite fragrance of the three.

Product provided free to writer for reviewAs you would expect from Degree, the antiperspirants keep you dry and smelling great. When used together, the antiperspirant’s fragrance adds a subtle yet pleasant scent while the body mist offers the lingering finale. These products by Degree are sheer genius!

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