Romantic Summer Vacation Getaways in the United States

Catch a breath-taking sunset.The warm sand beneath your toes, the gentle lapping of salty water tickling your feet – what could be better than a seashore vacation to escape your cares? In today’s day and age, romantic vacations need not always consist of stereotypical tropical vacations in lively resort towns. Start planning your next summer vacation now – after all, there’s no time like the present to start day dreaming about a wonderful escape from reality!

Your favorite

activities and pastimes pave the way to your ultimate summer vacation. Water sports, hiking and exploring, relaxing and catching a few rays – you and your sweetheart can do it all in any number of vacation destinations across the United States and beyond.

Take in the sights…

Itching to skip the country for a couple of days? Take a blissful trip to Niagara Falls. The falls emit feelings of tremendous exhilaration and wonder. Taking in the sites together and holding hands while strolling through the caverns beneath the falls rouse closeness between couples that visit this romantic attraction.

A cruise on the Maid of the Mist is a must-do, welcoming tiny water droplets upon the heads, faces and clothing of those who choose not to wear a raincoat or poncho. When evening falls, the light show and fireworks displays paint the skies atop the falls, truly inspiring a passionate ambiance all around.

Escape luxury while you’re at it…

For adventurous couples, few things are more amorous than falling asleep in each other’s arms beneath a midnight blue starry sky. A camping trip to a mountainous or lakeside park or campground may be the perfect escape from reality.

Your campsite for two becomes your palace and the hotdogs and bacon you grill over an open flame are the feast of the gods. Roughing it with your sweetie can bring out the softer side of your relationship. Challenge your honey to a fishing contest, make up a goofy scavenger hunt or see who can spot the most exotic wildlife creature. No one else is around to invade your personal moments together, so enjoy your time together and just be yourselves. When night falls, you can relax the hours away, snuggled up close before a crackling campfire.

Get a little wild…

Tired of the same old beach, mountains, resorts? Confer with your sweetie and see about booking a trip with reckless abandon. Check out availability for Las Vegas, New Orleans or another well-known hotspot and prepare to cut loose. Pack some extra cash for the casinos and the nightlife, plan to stay up till all hours and enjoy some fine cocktails and sumptuous meals.

If, however, these two carefree towns present too much of a carefree atmosphere, consider flying out west, renting a car and embarking upon an adventure to visit some great American landmarks! If you’ve yet to see the Grand Canyon or any of the national parks, what better company than your true love to accompany you on the adventure of a lifetime? Be sure to pack a number of US road atlases, credit card for filling up the gas tank and a camera and notebook to document all your wonderful discoveries together.

Take in the scenery...

Too busy for a fulltime getaway? Try a fun daytrip!
Sometimes career paths and personal lifestyles do not always allow for a weeklong vacation from the norm. Don’t shortchange yourself by foregoing a vacation altogether. Plan a few daytrips here and there with romantic activities interspersed throughout your summer. Couples can enjoy each other’s company, even without leaving the comforts of home. Here are a few options if you can’t spare several days away at a time:

• Go horseback riding.

• Challenge your partner to some miniature golf and top it off with some ice cream.

• Find a drive-in movie theatre.

• Go on a “real” date – candlelit dinner and dancing, movie and don’t forget dessert!

• Visit an amusement park.

• Take a daytrip to the seashore and walk along the beach collecting seashells.

• Double date with another couple and plan a night out to a show or concert.

• Organize a picnic for two. Fly a kite for old-time’s sake.

• Visit a local park and take a lazy walk, reminiscing about your times together.

• Check out a museum or attraction you’ve both wanted to see but hadn’t had time.

• Tour a local brewery and have lunch with a fresh brew.

• Cheer on your favorite sports team at an away location.

• Find a quiet place to relax and watch the clouds together.

No matter where you and your sweetheart decide to go for summer vacation, remember that it is your special time together. Put any stress factors and underlying issues out of sight and out of mind. Focus on the closeness of your relationship and how much you care for each other.

Remember to pack a blanket and pillow so you can enjoy the stars and don’t forget a camera to catch some of your vacation adventures on film!

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